Is there any chance for term limits?

A viewer asked this question on 3/20/2000:

Is the legislative term limit movement in the United States dead?

budgetanalyst gave this response on 3/20/2000:

Pretty much so. The practicalities are against it, as is public interest.

Many of the candidates that ran for office claiming that they were for term limits have decided to renege, and the ones who kept their promises are no longer in office, nor can they run for office, so who is there to do anything about it? (This is the same fate that celibate religious groups suffered in the past - they did not self-perpetuate, and recruits were not enough to keep things going.)

Term limits has it advocates, but they are by far not a majority among politicians, and the voting public does not consider it an issue. Essentially, what is of no interest does not get you elected, so why run on the issue? It will not help you, and it would simple make your life harder later when you change your mind.

JesseGordon responded:


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