How do I make a political speech?

A viewer asked this question on 8/4/2000:


Thanks for you the help you are extending to us students... I have a problem since we are to start having a campaigning for our local election, yet I don't know what to say during our campaign. I need a good speech for our rally.


madpol gave this response on 8/5/2000:

Start with a joke and praise previous speakers. Then talk about the virtues of the candidate and what that person has done for people like you.

Go into to a couple of issues and how the candidate's stand on them is important to your group.

Finish by saying how important it is for people to get out and vote.

Then thank the crowd for putting up with you and sit down.

stevehaddock gave this response on 8/5/2000:

When trying to determine what to say, the best speeches usually come out of what you really care about.

No matter what the election, there is always an issue that is on people's minds, whether it be a local campaign or someone running for president of the United States.

Even if that issue is controversial, you can take a stand on that issue if you listen to your heart, and then to your critics. The most respected politicians in history, from Lincoln to Gandhi, used this device when debating or speaking. First, acknowledge the arguments of your opponents - agree with what has validity and openly reject what does not. Then make sure your audience knows what your position is. Audiences don't want to hear a lot of platitudes or praise - it only confuses them and leaves them with the impression that all politicians are the same. However, taking a stand leaves a lasting impression.

Mind you, taking a stand is a good way to lose, but even in losing, a candidate can force public opinion in his direction and make things difficult for the eventual winner. Lincoln lost all but two elections in his career, and Gandhi never won political office, but public opinion, even among their opponents, kept going their way.

Good luck.

JesseGordon responded:

... [good speech notes]

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