How do I become a Convention delegate?

A viewer asked this question on 8/13/2000:

How does one become a delegate for the democratic convention? Does it cost money to go to the convention its self? How much? Where do I sign up for the next one?

madpol gave this response on 8/14/2000:

Yes, it does cost money. Unless you can get your local party to pick up the tab--you will have to pay for your own travel, hotel and expenses.

Each state party has it's own rules for selecting delegates. They all have ways of making sure that committee folk and a representative number of office holders are in the delegation.

Your best bet is to contact party headquarters now, and find out what it takes to get on he slate for 2004.

madpol gave this follow-up answer on 8/14/2000:

Here's some more info from a similar question.

A viewer asked this question on 7/31/2000:

How does one become a delegate to either the republican or democratic national convention?

It's a little too late to manage it this year, they've already been selected.

But the first step is to talk to your candidate's campaign in order to get slated.

There are a variety of different methods depending on the state you are in. In some states, the delegates are chosen directly by the candidate who won the primary. In others they are chosen by party leaders and committed to vote either for the primary winner or apportioned according to the voting percentages. In some states, delegates have to file their own nominating petitions and are elected directly by the voters with the popular vote for the candidates being a "beauty contest." In such states, the winner of the popular vote can actually come out with fewer delegates than the runner up.

Most states mix and match these methods.

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