Should we let abortion extremists speak?

Fr_Chuck asked this question on 9/24/2000:

picked the wrong board, most people don't like me here anyway since I am pro life

I thank God for people like this and the foul followers that he has brought to the light that have no better thing to do with their time that to attach others not helping others like we are supose to do here.

Why do I thank him, First the work of God was going to easy, anytime it gets too easy, I have to wonder if I am truely doing his work, since when I am doing his work, Satan has always sent someone to put a block of somesort, or at least try to block the work

Since the person who is asking so much of this does not seem to want to tell the truth,
That is because I sent them in private my info but they would rather twist the truth.

Do I sometimes give answers that other Christians may disagree with, yes, but if I do wrong, I will have to answer for that, but when you work in the inner city with homeless, sickness and all sorts of crime, you sometimes consider it a victory if the young man stops stealing cars and is now just shoplifting alittle bit. you know he is starting to see the truth. So you take each victory as it comes

And do I speak very plan and direct, yes, that is my way, and why most lawyers on the legal sites don't like me, I quite using those 10 dollar words when I stopped getting paid 10 dollar to say them.

For my expertise??

in religion, I am a born again Christian, believing in the gifts of the Spirit. But also beleiveing that all religions spend too much time in man made laws and not enough just working for God, so will I sometimes disagree with others, of course. I am a ordained priest, I was originally ordained as a Orthodox Priest but because of issue over remarring I have joined the Episcopal Church about one year ago and I am now a priest doing mission work in Atlanta, GA

I have previous been regiserted with the State Bar but currently not, I see no reason to pay yearly fees for something I do not use.
I worked hard through a non ABA approved school and find that many ABA attorneys have issues with lawyers that don't have fancy schools in there list of schools,

what have I done before becomeing a priest.
I recieved an appointment to a government position with the Federal Prison of the Justice Department, I was using my training to install work programs and work training for inmates to reabliate them. During this time I filled in to many posts, some of them included working on the dispinary board where the "in prison" crimes were heard and penalties given, also I acted as inmate representitive to these type of hearings on many occassions. And was at one point a acting deupty warden of one of the prisons
and also the duty officer of this prision,
( and I will tell you that I did not enjoy it at all and that is why I left.

Also many dislike me since I have alot of contempt for the legal system, sorry, but I do,
i have seen evidence fixed by district attorneys, some that have been shown on major tv, but these people kept there jobs, these same people gave out confidential info on cases, that directly affected my family and cost me a sizable amount of money. And all a person has to do is watch major TV on some of the larger trails to know that "money" gets alot of justice today.
And the same is in traffic court, small claims court, those that have attorneys do so much better, these should be set so regular people have a chance.

Hobies, I love hypnosis, ok some religious people will hold that against me, but on that you have a subject to disagee with, To me,it is only a scientific method of helping people, learned it in college, and don't see a problem with it personally , as long as it is done correctly.

I am into herbs, natural healing and many other things,

For those that it bothers, I am married in a inter-racial marriage but it really is not a issue, but when you don't get waited on in a restraunt for that reason, it can be.

I was proud to servce in the Air Force Reserve and was a pround member of the ROTC in college.
I normally still help with the Civil Air Patrol, I am not this year due to some health reasons but hope to be back soon.

And for those who don't like either what I say, or my stories, or my jokes, then don't read my answers, that is how I talk, and I write as if I was talking to the person. I may be direct, even rude sometimes, if I think that is how it needs to be answered

also to the others, I just say, if you want to help, then stop all the bull, and just ansewr questions, I do this to help people, not for any personal award, that is why I don't brag on my self like so many in the law area does, I just want to really help people, not impress them with big words and all the bull many use.

and with that I also ask them to see if they want to spend the 3 or 4 hours a day that I do on here just to help people, no other real award,
or yes I do get about 100 to 150 dollars a month as awards, but I was doing this 10 months ago before any award ever was thought of, so that is not why I am here, not many of the first group still here, and the reason is that so many nuts start stuff like this and a few good people leave.

So don't think you will get rid of me, I may cut back when I get feeling better, or when the new baby comes next month, but if I ever leave it will be becasue I am working harder helping others someplace else.

also as most of you know, since I don't keep it a secret, I have joined the prepaid legal. did not like it at first, but I looked very though into it, and found that they really do what they promise and that for just a small bit amonth people can get real legal help.

But no I do not ever just advertise, I do now add my personal web site to the end of alot of answers, but always give a good answer or the best answer I can first, and never try to sell it here. My web site also offers alot of legal helps so sending them there will give them alot of infomation they are asking for. I have been very careful not to advertise, I have sent two or three peple there that directly asked me where to find a attorney in a certain state, I told them of that site, but if I sent them to, they get paid also, and have advertisers, so I see no difference.
Also any moneys that come in from this prepaid legal, will all go directly to the church mission fund

So for those that don't like me?? you are not the first and surely won't be the last, since a man of his principles are always upsetting someone.

and for those many that follow my answers, you already know what I stand for,

God Bless

JesseGordon gave this response on 9/24/2000:

I read the ongoing debate and I want to give you a word of support.

For those who don't know about AskMe's statistics, Fr. Chuck has answered over 6,900 questions on this forum -- that gives him credentials in my book regardless of his background. (My credentials? Ok, thin, when it comes to abortion. But I'm the #1 ranked guy in the Politics section, during the heat of the political season, and this is a political debate).

Father, I disagree with just about all of your political stances, especially abortion, but it's good to know there are people like you out there fighting for what you believe in. The most important thing in any political debate is to have people say what they believe in, and say it articulately and persuasively. If you convince people of your point of view over mine, then it's my duty to state my position more articulately and more persuasively. I thank God there are opponents like you to help me do that, because it forces me to be honest and thorough.

To everyone else, if you want to refute Fr. Chuck's arguments, then do so -- but don't assail his character! He's what makes work, and he's what makes the American political system work!

Fr. Chuck, if you ever get tired of being turned away in Atlanta restaurants, you come on up here to Cambridge MA, where we encourage and welcome miscegenists. In the meantime, Go get 'em!

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