What did Jesse Jackson do during the Florida Recount?

scout3 asked this question on 12/7/2000:

The Florida quagmire has made me sick. I voted for VP Gore and this is why. This is my vote AGAINST a BUSH MONARCHY. George Herbert former Pres and Chief of CIA, son Neill Bush, Pres of the Silverado S&L fiasco in Denver which went under and FDIC had to pay investors' more money than the total cost of WWII, Dubya, a Gov for five years who wants to be Pres, Jeb, Gov of Florida, always a key state, Rep. FL Senate involved? A set up in case a large state was needed to turn the electionn to Dubya's advantage. Was all of this put in motion years ago, BTW, Dubya did not disclose source of money for Rep primaries did Jeb disclose the source of his money in FL primaries?
A few days ago Jesse Jackson is in Florida, stirring up the masses and suddenly leaves the state and has made no public statements. Why?
Mr Jackson has never been quite before? Comments?

JesseGordon gave this response on 12/7/2000:

The "Bush monarchy" is something that the Bushes, both Sr and Jr, are probably saying with bright tones instead of the dark ones you ascribe to it. Don't forget, after Jeb runs in 2008, there's George Prescott Bush, the dashing young rising star, who by 2016 will be ready to maintain the monarchy.

Jesse Jackson hasn't been "quiet" -- he's been pushing hard with the NAACP on the Miami/Dade fraud case. Here's a quote:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, claiming “a clear pattern of voter suppression of African-American votes,” wants the Justice Department to begin a formal investigation in Florida. “African-Americans were targeted to be disenfranchised,” he said yesterday at a news conference in Tallahassee, Fla. Jackson said a protest organized by civil rights groups and the AFL-CIO is planned for Wednesday outside the Florida State House in Tallahassee.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that its computer analysis found the more black and Democratic a precinct, the more likely a high number of presidential votes were not counted. About 2.9 percent of Florida’s presidential ballots, roughly 180,000, were not counted because no candidate was chosen, two candidates were picked, or a ballot was not clearly marked. Traditionally, 2 percent of ballots cast nationwide do not record a presidential vote. In Miami-Dade, the state’s most populous county, roughly 3 percent of ballots were excluded from the presidential tally. But in precincts with a black population of 70 percent or more, about 10 percent were not counted.

(Dec 4)

See and for sources & more.

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scout3 asked this follow-up question on 12/8/2000:

Mr. Gordon, I am retired and am able to follow the matter very closely on CNN. I recall Jesse Jackson visiting Dade county sometime last week. After a day or two he dissapeared. I wonder why? As far as his scheduled protest Wensday I saw nothing on the news about it.
I do not understand your mentioning the Bush family
thinking of a monarchy in bright tones. Are you saying that "yes, they are thinking about a monarchy and are happy about the possibility."?
Should Bush win do you see massive civil unrest as a
possibility? This is where Jackson comes in. Will he calm for calm or protests in the aftermath of a Bush victory?

JesseGordon gave this response on 12/8/2000:

I don't know Jesse Jackson's motivations, but I can't imagine him not taking advantage of any situation for publicity or for political gain. I'm sure he'll be back in Dade when the time is right.

Yes, by "bright tones" I meant that they are happy about it. I assume you are a Democrat, and if you're retired perhaps you remember the Kennedy "monarchy" envisioned: Jack in 1960, Bobby in 1968, and Ted in 1976, a "monarchy" of 24 years of the presidency. Yes, I think Republicans see the same sort of possibilities now for a 24-year reign: W. in 2000, Jeb in 2008, Prescott in 2016.

I don't think that will happen, because I think W. will lose his re-election bid to Gore, unless Gore really infuriates people in the next couple of weeks (he's done a pretty good job so far!). I think Gore will get a huge "sympathy vote" ffrom those who, despite being annoyed by his post-election behavior, honestly feel that he deserved the presidency because he won the popular vote.

I think Gore will also get a huge chunk of the Nader vote in 2004, because many were "strategic voters" (as Nader called them), who played the electoral game but really wanted Gore. They now feel that they mised the opportunity to support Gore in the one real where he really has legitimacy, in the nationwide popular vote. I have NOT read this anywhere; but I speak from personal experience -- I voted for Nader but supported Gore, and I'm sure that next time, I will forego the "strategy" and vote for Gore because I want him to be president.

I also think that Bush will be weakened by a weakening economy. Gore could not take potliical advantage of the good economy because people have grown so used to it that it's taken for granted. I think by 2004, we'll see a slowdown (maybe a recession, maybe not, but for sure a slowdown). Then Gore can say, "look, 8 years under Clinton/Gore went well, 4 years under Bush and we slowed down; Don't take it for granted!" and people will listen. (That's of course a specious argument, since the slowdown has begun already; but I think it WILL be a politically effective argument).

I do NOT think that Bush's re-election chances will be hurt by a lack of "legitimacy." We all know the rules now, and we'll all come to agree that Bush won under those rules. Maybe we'll change the rules, but I don't think his term will be considered illegitimate, at least not after the first year. i think Bush WILL focus on bipartisanship (one of his strengths anyway), by appointing Democrats to some serious positions, maybe by pardoning Clinton, etc. And yes, I think people like Jesse Jackson as well as Al Gore will ultimately say, "Let's support Bush; he is the president."

scout3 asked this follow-up question on 12/8/2000:

I have a surprise for you. I am a registered Republican! I did vote for Gore. When GH ran for reelction I voted for Perot. I am 47 and medically retired from the IRS. I believe all of my health problems started when I was activated [I was an army reservist] for Desert Storm and received vaccinations to go to Saudi.
I do remember the Kennedy theorey. I saw a movie [fiction?] that the CIA killed JFK to prevent a monarchy. It was a real compelling story. I had just turned 10 when JFK was assinated and remember that day distinctly.
The elaboration of your answer is very thorough and I must say that I do feel better about the situation. I just finished watching the decisions in Leon County Circuit court and felt badly about it.
Thanks, again.

JesseGordon gave this response on 12/8/2000:

Oh no! I made a "Gore Republican" feel good that Bush has won! I'm a traitor to Gore!

(Just kidding).

I think you qualify as an "independent voter" (which is very "in" this year), if you voted for Perot, Gore, and also some Republicans.

Yes, I think the CIA-assassination-of-Kennedy theory is fiction. But many people believe it, and I'm sure the movie you saw did NOT consider it fiction. I never believe conspiracy theories that involve more than a handful of people, because SOMEONE is sure to leak the story, and that has never happened with JFK.

I'm too young to remember the JFK assassination, but I DO remember exactly where I was and what I did 20 years ago today, when John Lennon was assassinated.

scout3 asked this follow-up question on 12/8/2000:

When JFK was assinated I was going to a speech class at the Siskin Fondation in Chattanooga, TN. When we walked in we heard the news. When John Lennon was murdered I was cramming for finals and llistening to Monday night football. My close friend lived w/his wife across the hall and he was cramming also but not watching MNF I told him and we both woke our wife and all four of us watched the news special on ABC. Geez, that was 20 years ago? where did the time go?

JesseGordon gave this response on 12/8/2000:

I don't remember the "finals" part but I suppose it was that time of year. I remember I got out my "Imagine" album (on vinyl, of course) and played it all day long, and put the album cover in the window so passersby would know.

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