What are Bush's campaign themes?

meteacher asked this question on 11/5/2000:

What is George W. Bush's campaign theme?

JesseGordon gave this response on 11/5/2000:

* They have not led. We will. (Nov 3)

* I trust the people, and Al Gore trusts Washington. (Oct 31)

* Barnstorm for Reform: End D.C. cynicism & zero-sum politics. (Oct 24)

* Blueprint for the Middle Class: from birth thru retirement. (Sep 17)

* Real Plans for Real People: Bush promises honest talking. (Sep 8)

* Now is the time to do the hard things. (Aug 21)

* Calling everything “Risky Scheme” is politics of roadblocks. (Aug 3)

* Theme: change how Washington works & restore moral purpose. (Jun 9)

* Bush’s conservatism: local solutions within limited govt. (Dec 1999)

* Government if necessary, not necessarily government. (Dec 1999)

* “Compassionate conservatism” allows individual potential. (Mar 1999)

* Prosperity with a purpose: Peaceful & prosperous future. (Mar 1999)

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