Who else is running for President?

A viewer asked this question on 4/2/2000:

What major presidential candidates are running for office in 2000?

JesseGordon gave this response on 4/5/2000:

Al Gore is their candidate for president; they usually represent the liberal point of view.

George W. Bush is their candidate for president; they usually represent the conservative point of view.

Pat Buchanan is their likely candidate for president; they represent a desire for radically reforming the way the government works. Buchanan's big issue is free trade (against). The Reform Party is somewhat fragmented -- one faction led by Jesse Ventura (Governor of Minnesota) and the other by Ross Perot (candidate for president in 1996).

Harry Browne is their likely candidate for president; they represent a desire to reduce the size and scope of government. Browne's big issue is abolishing the income tax and dramatically cutting the budget accordingly.

Ralph Nader is their candidate for president; they represent a desire to account for the needs of people instead of corporations. The Greens are a major party in Europe, where they represent a more environmental agenda (hence the name). Nader's big issue is fighting corporate subsidies.

John Hagelin is their candidate for president; they represent a desire to apply scientific methods to political problems.

Howard Phillips is their candidate for president; they represent a desire to strictly interpret the Constitution, which they interpret as abolishing abortion and focusing on other "moral decay" issues.

There are lots of others, but those are the big ones in presidential politics -- those cover all the candidates who will get onto enough state ballots to have the possibility of winning the electoral vote. You can check out their detailed views on the issues at .

A viewer asked this question on 3/30/2000:

What are the major political parties active in American politics today?

budgetanalyst gave this response on 3/30/2000:

The Democratic and Republican parties are the two major ones. These are the ones which field a full roster of candidates for national office and the only ones with a realistic chance for their candidate for President to be elected to office and to control Congress.

The Progressive Party is also national in scope, but it stands little chance of having its candidate elected president, and very little chance to elect Representatives and Senators. There are parties with regional appeal, such as the Liberal Party in New York. And there is even a Socialist in Congress. But none of these qualify as major.

jschlossb asked this question on 10/5/2000:

What is the natural law party all about, and what is their platform? Who is running for president for the natural law party and are there other politicians in Illinois under this party?

JesseGordon gave this response on 10/5/2000:

The Natural Law Party candidate for President is John Hagelin. You can see his views on the issues at

The basics of Hagelin's platform are:

* Foreign Policy: Support abroad without arms

* Gun Control: More restrictions

* Budget & Economy: Creativity fosters growth; recast GDP

* Education: Develop mental potential

* Defense: Decrease military aid; maintain ABM

* Crime: Prevention & rehabilitation

* Government Reform: Ban PACs; distribute power

* School Choice: Vouchers & charters

* Kosovo: Troops out

* Juvenile Crime: Focus on education

* Tax Reform: 18% flat tax

* Welfare & Labor: Empowerment Zones & block grants

* China: Full diplomatic relations

* Drugs: Legalize for medicine; educate

* Social Security: Invest some; Lock-box rest

* Health Care: Focus on prevention

* Free Trade & Immigration: More immigrants; balanced trade

* Civil Rights: No quotas; feds out of gay issues

* Technology: Restrict media; maintain privacy

* Abortion: Feds out; no litmus test

* Environment: Promote sustainability; no nukes

* Principles & Values: Develop human potential

jschlossb asked this follow-up question on 10/6/2000:

Is there anyone running for smaller offices in Illinois?
Julie Schlossberg

JesseGordon gave this response on 10/6/2000:

I only cover the Presidential and Senate races (and there isn't a Senate race in Illinois this year), so I can only help, but can't give you a definitive answer.

Some Natural Law Party candidates appear on the ballot in some other Senate races:

* Brian Rees California

* John Eastman Ohio

* Hazel Chandler Texas

* Larry Evans Indiana

* Richard C. Green Connecticut, see

The only way I know of to check on smaller races is at

The incumbents are listed at
There are no Natural Law officeholders listed there.

Some challengers for statewide offices are listed at
There are also no Natural Law candidates listed there, but that might mean vote-smart just hasn't found them!

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