Hillary Clinton: The Inside Story, by Judith Warner: on Government Reform

Hillary Clinton: 1973: Researched Nixon's White House tapes

In 1974 on the Impeachment Committee, Hillary Rodham's main assignment was establishing the legal procedures to be followed in the course of the impeachment. Her work ultimately led to suggesting drafting procedures to be followed by the committee in conducting the formal presentation aspects of its work, what sort of rules of evidence would be involved, what sort of objections would be deemed appropriate or inappropriate, and the scope of cross-examination. It meant staying in the background, and being, above all, discreet.

"I was kind of locked in this soundproof room with the big headphone on, listening to tapes," she told the Arkansas Gazette. "There was one we called the tape of tapes. It was Nixon taping himself listening to the tapes, making up his defenses to what he heard on the tapes. So you would hear Nixon talk and then you'd hear very faintly the sound of a taped prior conversation, and you'd hear him say, 'What I meant when I said that was...' I mean, it was surreal."

Source: The Inside Story, by Judith Warner, p. 70-71 Aug 1, 1993

  • The above quotations are from Hillary Clinton: The Inside Story,
    by Judith Warner.
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