The Democratic Platform for America: on Jobs

A strong America begins with good jobs that support families

A strong America keeps the promise of opportunity for all and heeds the warning of special privileges for none. That's the America we believe in. George Bush values wealth over hard work, lavishes special treatment upon a fortunate few at the expense of most businesses and working people, and defends policies that weaken America's competitive position and destroy American jobs.

We believe that a strong America begins at home, with good jobs that support families and an equal chance for all our people. We believe in progress that brings prosperity for all Americans, not just for those who are already successful. We believe that good jobs will help strengthen & expand the strongest middle class the world has ever known. We believe the private sector, not government, is the engine of economic growth and job creation. Government's responsibility is to create an environment that will promote private sector investment, foster vigorous competition, and strengthen the foundations of an innovative economy.

Source: The Democratic Platform for America, p.19

Change tax system to not encourage shipping jobs overseas

Tax reform to create jobs. Today's tax law provides big breaks for companies that send American jobs overseas. Current "deferral" policies allow American companies to avoid paying American taxes on the income earned by their foreign subsidiaries. John Kerry and John Edwards will end deferral that encourages companies to ship jobs overseas, and they will close other loopholes to make the tax code work for the American worker. They'll use the savings to offer tax cuts for companies that produce goods and create jobs here at home. Under John Kerry and John Edwards, 99 percent of American businesses will pay lower taxes than today.
Source: The Democratic Platform for America, p.20

  • The above quotations are from The Democratic Platform for America: Strong at Home, Respected in the World, the Party Platform of the Democratic National Committee, approved July 2004.
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