Crashing the Party, by Ralph Nader: on Abortion

Ralph Nader: Roe v. Wade is not at risk, even from GOP Supreme Court

The Supreme Court justices viewed as anti abortion had three chances to overturn Roe v. Wade and did not. Republican Party operatives tell people in Washington all the time that they are not about to destroy the party on this issue but have to promote the rhetoric to keep the support of the party’s antiabortion wing. [Some pro-choice activists] tell people about my belittling Roe v. Wade, which I see as so well established and so deeply supported (by polls, media, and a very well-connected feminist movement) and which [some Democratic activists] see as hanging by one bad judicial nomination.
Source: Crashing the Party, by Ralph Nader, p.255-256 Oct 14, 2002

  • The above quotations are from Crashing the Party:
    How to Tell the Truth and Still Run for President
    Taking on Corporate Governance in an Age of Surrender
    , by Ralph Nader.
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