John Boehner in Core of Conviction, by Michele Bachmann

On Budget & Economy: TARP is a "crap sandwich" but vote for it anyway

The Bush administration, which had always professed faith in the free-market system, was now [in the mid-2008 economic crisis] reversing its course; it was embracing a kind of "bailout socialism." And Obama too supported TARP. It was painful to find out that John McCain too favored the TARP bailout. In other words, McCain had joined the bailout mantra at exactly the wrong time, and all Americans were watching. Here was no "maverick" moment. The same disappointing stance was taken by the Republican leadership in the House. John Boehner went on national TV to label TARP a "crap sandwich"--and then, in the next breath, he said we should vote for it anyway.

I knew there was no way I could vote for it, because I couldn't find authority for it in the Constitution. I simply couldn't support it. So I voted no. That's where I stood, and that's where I stand, As a constitutional conservative, I put principle over party.

Source: Core of Conviction, by Michele Bachmann, p.146-147 Nov 21, 2011

On Education: 2002: Pushed through No Child Left Behind with Ted Kennedy

I will admit I was disappointed to see President Bush work with Democratic senator Teddy Kennedy and future House Speaker John Boehner to push through the No Child Left Behind Act, which the president signed into law in early 2002. No Child Left Behind was an updated Goals 2000, imposing new mandates on all 50 states--the same federal government good intentions leading to the same downward educational results. In the US as a whole, we were handing local classrooms over to the federal bureaucracy
Source: Core of Conviction, by Michele Bachmann, p.127 Nov 21, 2011

The above quotations are from Core of Conviction
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