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Liz Cheney: Fighting Smart: focus on getting results to roll back feds

Q: You talk about "fighting smart." Was the push to defund ObamaCare by linking it to a budget deal fighting smart? Or was it a mistake?

A: When I say fight smart, what I really am focused on is getting results. But you have to know how to do it. You have to know how you can actually cut these agencies, how you can actually limit the regulation, how you can actually roll the federal government back.

Q: There is not a whole lot of daylight between yourself and Senator Enzi in terms of policy.

A: Well, yes, except Senator Enzi's been there for 18 years. When you've been there for 18 years, you have to deal with the results, what you've been able to deliver for the people of Wyoming. And if I thought that Senator Enzi, whatever his tactics, would be able to effectively prevent President Obama from taking the nation down this path to European social democracy--I wouldn't need to be in this race. He hasn't, and there's no sense, frankly, that he will. I think we've got to have a new generation.

Source: Time Magazine interview on 2014 Wyoming Senate race Nov 21, 2013

Matt Mead: Reduce the budget & build up the rainy-day account

Governor Mead's recommendations to the Legislature include:
Source: Press Release on 2013 Wyoming State of the State Speech Jan 9, 2013

Dave Freudenthal: Remain fiscally conservative without dipping into savings

There are many reasons for this state to remain fiscally conservative. The Senate and the House will decide whether or not you to go into the savings which we have set aside. The budget that I submitted did not go into the savings. We need to be careful. This has and will continue to be felt on Main Street throughout this country.

I do not see a dramatic change that suggests this is going to be some aggressive and robust recovery. I believe that it is going to be slow; it is going to be difficult. Part of it is simply the absence of credit availability, particularly for small businesses, and not a matter that I see being resolved very quickly. The state should remain, I believe, fairly conservative.

Source: Wyoming 2010 State of the State Address Feb 8, 2010

Michael Enzi: Voted for a one-year moratorium on Congressional earmarks

In an effort to stop irresponsible spending, I voted for an amendment during the budget debate this year to place a one-year moratorium on Congressional earmarks. A year off from the frenzy of free funds would be a breath of fresh air for Congress and for constituents like you who demand to know what is being funded with their money & why. Controlling spending and promoting more efficient use of government funding is only part of properly managing our budget during difficult fiscal times.
Source: 2008 Senate campaign website, Aug 12, 2008

Keith Goodenough: More fiscal conservatism needed in the legislature

A large majority of the voters in Wyoming describe themselves as fiscally conservative, are you one of those? And if so, what does that imply?

In general political terms, that would mean that you believe in the following: efficient and frugal governmental spending, depending on the private sector to power economic growth, governmental decision making at a level of government as close to the people as possible, respect for private property rights, and perhaps a few additional lesser points.

From the mid 1980’s until the recent past, the fiscal liberals in the Legislature have mostly focused on building governmental agencies whose mission statement is directed towards creating economic development through the spending of taxpayer’s money.

Source: Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Fiscal Conservatives? Says Who?” Feb 21, 2005

Jim Geringer: Spend one-time revenue on one-time expenditures

Source: 2001 State of the State Address to Wyoming Legislature Jan 10, 2001

Dick Cheney: Budget surplus softens opposition to spending

During his 11 years in Congress, Cheney also voted as a fiscal conservative, supporting legislation to balance the national budget, while opposing spending in most areas outside of defense. Embracing the younger Bush’s campaign theme of “compassionate conservatism,” Cheney said that the nation’s unprecedented budgets surplus gives Republicans “the opportunity I think to go out and do some things that we might have opposed 20 years ago.”
Source:, “Opens campaign in Wyoming” Jul 26, 2000

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