State of West Virginia Archives: on Social Security

Evan Jenkins: Oppose privatizing Social Security or Medicare.

We must always keep our promises to the American people. Among those obligations is to protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare for all seniors. Proudly, a significant portion of our population are seniors and we have an obligation to ensure they have the benefits now and in the future that they have paid for and deserve. Every American worker is putting aside money for their eventual retirement, an investment we must honor and a benefit we must ensure.

Because of the need to keep these obligations to workers and seniors, I have opposed privatizing Social Security or Medicare. But I haven't just said these things, I've taken action by sponsoring legislation in the WV legislature opposing the privatization of Social Security. During my legislative career I have supported bills which would reduce the cost of prescription drugs and to lower property taxes for seniors.

Source: 2014 W.V. House campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

John Buckley: Allow investing retirement dollars in private accounts

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Privatize Social Security"?

A: Support. Yes, I would allow younger workers the option of investing their retirement dollars in private accounts, affording them much more of a return on investment and greater individual control over their retirement options.

Source: Email interview on 2014 W.V. Senate race with OnTheIssues Sep 5, 2014

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