State of Vermont Archives: on Immigration

Scott Milne: No immigrant benefits; no DREAMers; no amnesty

Q: Should illegal immigrants have access to government-subsidized healthcare?

Scott Milne: No

Q: Should children of illegal immigrants be granted legal citizenship?

Scott Milne: No

Q: Should working illegal immigrants be given temporary amnesty?

Scott Milne: No

Source: Voter Guide on 2016 Vermont Senate race Sep 9, 2016

Scott Milne: Opposed to the EB-5 program due to poor regulation in VT

In October 2009, Milne traveled to China and South Korea with then-governor Jim Douglas, Stenger and other Vermont business leaders to meet with potential EB-5 investors. At the time, Milne was considering raising money through the program for his proposed Quechee Highlands development project, which has been stalled for years by land-use regulators. Milne returned sounding enthusiastic about EB-5, though he ultimately opted against taking part in the program. "To me, it is the perfect storm of government policy capturing the best of entrepreneurial spirit," he told the Valley News a week after returning from Asia. Milne's tune has since changed. He said that federal officials who established EB-5 had been "naive" and "showed a lack of 'business 101" because they failed to "audit money coming in and out" of approved projects. Asked to explain his evolving position, Milne claimed that Vermont's regulation of EB-5 projects had been stronger back in 2009 when he traveled to China & Korea
Source: on 2016 Vermont Senate race May 9, 2016