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Robert Sarvis: Reverse the militarization of law-enforcement tactics

I am committed to restoring and protecting civil liberties. As Governor, I will:
Source: 2013 Virginia Governor campaign website, Sep 21, 2013

Bob McDonnell: Tough punishment and no parole works

Tough punishment and no parole works Our communities continue to get safer. Our violent crime rate is now lower than any time since the early 1960's, the lowest in the South and the 5th lowest in the nation. Our property crime rate is the lowest in the South and the 8th lowest nationally. Tough punishment and no parole works drunk driving and internet crime. Last year we quietly passed the most significant reforms in over a decade to punish repeat drug dealers and child sex offenders.

Second, we've dramatically improved our prisoner re-entry system.

Source: 2013 Virginia State of the State address Jan 9, 2013

Pat McGeehan: No capital punishment; don't prosecute minors as adults

Q: Do you support capital punishment for certain crimes?

A: No.

Q: Should a minor accused of a violent crime be prosecuted as an adult?

A: No.

Q: Should a minor who sends sexually-explicit or nude photos by cell phone face criminal charges?

A: No.

Source: West Virginia Election 2012 Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2012

George Allen: Leader for three decades in enacting truth-in-sentencing

George Allen says he has been a leader for more than three decades in defending Second Amendment rights, enacting truth-in-sentencing, and supporting victims, their families and law enforcement professionals. He says he has consistently earned an A or A+ rating from the National Rifle Association but Allen is under fire from Virginia conservatives for his record in the U.S. Senate.
Source: Richmond Republican Examiner on 2012 Virginia Senate debate May 11, 2012

Robert Sarvis: Capital punishment should be legal but rare

Q: Do you support capital punishment for certain crimes?

A: Yes; capital punishment should be legal but rare. We should take seriously credible claims of innocence and allow for reasonable requests for potentially exonerating DNA tests, but also work to reduce the misuse of criminal justice resources and streamline the appeals process. I also recommend considering ways to ensure quality representation in death penalty cases and disincentivize requests for the death penalty, e.g., by providing additional funding for the defense (in cases of public-defender or court-appointed defense counsel) when the prosecution seeks the death penalty.

Source: Virginia State Legislative 2011 PVS Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2011

Bob McDonnell: Tough statutes and sentences; but also re-entry programs

Public safety is the silent partner in job creation. Jobs won't be created and businesses won't be started if our citizens don't first feel safe and secure.

I believe in, and we have, tough statutes and sentences for those who break our laws and endanger our citizens and communities. As a result, our crime rates are down. However, our recidivism rate is still too high. Reduction in recidivism means fewer victims, and less prison costs. America is a nation of second chances and those leaving prison should have the opportunity to change.

We are implementing sweeping new prisoner re-entry programs throughout our correctional system through the leadership of our first statewide prisoner re-entry coordinator and our new Director of the Department of Corrections. And I am pleased to say that since taking office we have implemented the fastest and fairest system for the restoration of civil rights in modern Virginia history.

Source: 2011 Virginia State of the State Address Jan 12, 2011

Joe Manchin III: Accelerated parole system for non-violent offenders

Like most states, West Virginia is facing a dramatically increasing prison population we simply cannot sustain. We are always going to be tough on crime, but we must adopt a different approach or we will have an insurmountable problem.

Tonight I am introducing a bill that will streamline our parole system and use our prisons to keep violent offenders where they belong--locked up. This accelerated parole system has been tested in other states and is one part of an overall plan to free up our prison resources.

This program would only be open to non-violent offenders and those convicted of crimes that do not involve a child. And, we will be working with West Virginia State University for the combined purpose of expanding our work-release program and renovating the former Rehabilitation Center in Institute. We are not being soft on crime--we are being smart on crime.

Source: West Virginia 2010 State of the State Address Jan 13, 2010

Bob McDonnell: Make Virginia gang-free; with tougher penalties & prevention

Source: 2009 Virginia Gubernatorial campaign site, Jul 21, 2009

Creigh Deeds: Tougher criminal penalties; more police training & tools

For two decades Creigh has been fighting in the legislature for tougher penalties for violent criminals and giving our law enforcement officers the training and tools they need to keep Virginians safe.

His first job as a public servant was as his hometown's elected chief prosecutor--Senator Deeds knows first hand what it means to be tough on crime and keep our communities safe. After four years of bringing sexual predators and violent criminals to justice, he brought that knowledge and experience to the Virginia legislature where his colleagues entrusted him to lead the way on victim's rights and keeping us safe & secure.

For two decades Senator Deeds has been fighting in the legislature for tougher penalties for violent criminals and giving our law enforcement officers the training and tools they need to keep Virginians safe.

Source: 2009 Gubernatorial campaign website Jul 21, 2009

Jay Wolfe: Support the use of the death penalty

Source: West Virginia Congressional 2008 Political Courage Test Aug 8, 2008

Jay Wolfe: Mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs

Source: West Virginia Congressional 2008 Political Courage Test Aug 8, 2008

Bob Wise: $1.5M to raise pay for police and prison guards

Although we value their work, those who guard us against crime are paid far less in West Virginia than in our surrounding states. This is particularly true in the correctional system. After completing the required training, the starting salary for a correctional officer is $18,000. Severely understaffed and overworked, our correctional officers are spending long days in close quarters with dangerous and unpredictable criminals. I ask you to pass legislation that will provide a $2,000 annual raise for correctional officers.

Our State Police, too, are not paid adequately in accordance with the burden they carry. And, we are unable, in this tight budget year, to give them all they deserve. But I have set aside $1.5 million in the budget to offer an adjustment in the trooper longevity schedule that will reward our troopers for remaining on the job.

Source: 2001 State of the State Address to West Virginia Legislature Feb 14, 2001

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