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Joe Carr: Reduce crossover voting in Tennessee primary elections

A bill aimed at reducing crossover voting in Tennessee primary elections failed by voice vote in the state House Local Government Committee today. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Joe Carr, would have required each voter in a primary election to check a box agreeing that the party election "I am voting in most closely represents my values and beliefs." Tennessee has long held open primaries.

Carr is running in the August GOP primary against Sen. Lamar Alexander. But Carr has maintained all along his bill has nothing to do with that. The bill was opposed by the Tennessee Republican Party Chairman among others. In the end, fellow Republicans on the GOP-controlled Local Government Committee refused to go along with Carr's bill.

In response to questions posed earlier by Rep. Vince Dean, Carr said those refusing to sign the declaration would not be allowed to vote in that primary. Dean questioned whether the bill would really accomplish anything, noting "they could still be honest, so this wouldn't help.

Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press on 2014 Tennessee Senate race Mar 11, 2014

Bill Haslam: We reduced wait times for licenses from 38 minutes to 18

Two years ago, I stood up here and said that we would be working hard to speed up the process to receive a license, and we're making progress. At the Fayette County center, wait times went from an average of 38 minutes in 2011, to 30 minutes in 2012, and only 18 minutes in the month of December. Thanks to [that] team for giving our customers -- Tennessee's taxpayers--great service. In Tennessee, we are different. We have a lot to brag about, but this isn't the time to coast along or to be satisfied. This is a time to take advantage of our strengths and face our challenges head on, and I look forward to the executive and legislative branches working together on the issues that matter to Tennesseans.
Source: 2013 State of the State speech to Tennessee legislature Jan 28, 2013

Joe Carr: Increase campaign contribution limits but disallow lobbyists

Joe Carr voted Yea on SB 1915--Vote to pass a bill that amends campaign contribution limits for State House, Senate, and Gubernatorial candidates. Vote Smart's Synopsis:
Source: VoteSmart summary of 2011-2012 Tennessee legislative session May 21, 2011

Joe Carr: Require photo ID in order to vote

Joe Carr voted Yea on SB 16: Voter Identification Requirements. Vote Smart's Synopsis:
Source: VoteSmart summary of 2011-2012 Tennessee legislative session Apr 14, 2011

Lamar Alexander: The Era of the 1,000-Page Bill Is Over

Senator Lamar Alexander made the following remarks on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday: "It's time for Congress to admit that we don't do comprehensive well. It's time for us to admit that the era of the 1,000-page bill is over."

"I think it's obvious that we in Congress have been biting off more than we can chew on immigration, health care, and other issues. We've been producing 1,000-page bills which most members of Congress haven't even read, in which voters have no confidence, and out of which will come unintended consequences and results that are bad for our country. It inevitably adds to the national debt, at a time when we're adding $9 trillion to the debt in just ten years and everyone is worried about how we're going to pay that back. And at a time, fairly or unfairly, where the American people are seeing a new administration propose, it seems like, a new Washington takeover every other day--the banks, insurance companies, student loans, and now health care."

Source: The Chattanoogan on 2014 Tennessee Senate race Sep 15, 2009

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