State of South Carolina Archives: on Gun Control

Thomas Ravenel: Second Amendment is the only gun law needed

There is only one gun law that law-abiding Americans need to follow: The Second Amendment.

It's always amazed me that government was so gung-ho to restrict our constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms. After all, the government's own statistics conclusively prove my point that increased gun ownership among the law-abiding public leads to a safer society.

It's a simple equation: Higher gun ownership among our citizens means a safer society. The government knows this. They know this debate isn't about safety--it's about power. In 1938, the Nazis banned Jewish citizens from owning weapons of any kind or participating in the arms' manufacturing industry. We all know what happened next. I'm not suggesting our leaders are Nazis, but I am suggesting it's a lot easier to take people's freedoms away when they can't fight back--and if you think Washington is out of control now, just wait until they succeed in advancing their radical "gun control" agenda.

Source: 2014 S.C. Senate campaign website, Sep 1, 2014

Brad Hutto: Supports only current gun laws

I support the current weapons laws in effect in this State.
Source: S.C. Congressional Election 2012 Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2012

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