State of Rhode Island Archives: on Homeland Security

Lincoln Chafee: Keep Rhode Island's military installations thriving

Iíve worked hard in the Senate to make sure Rhode Islandís military installations are thriving and itís something called the base realignment and closure process that comes along every five or so years. Itís always a big threat because you donít want to lose your military bases. But in this process, Rhode Island gained. One of the few areas to gain employment because of the hard work we did at building up these military installations, investing in them over the years.
Source: 2006 R.I. Republican Senate Primary debate on WPRI Aug 24, 2006

Stephen Laffey: We need to expand weapons programs

I donít see large programs that need to be cut when it comes to the military defense. The first thing we do was protect life & liberty &happiness in the country. So I think we need to expand weapons programs. Our antiballistic missile program is lagging. We have some aged missiles sitting on some cruisers off the coast of North Korea but thatís not what we should have been doing for the last 25 years. We should?ve been building up the ability to take out rockets that come out even in the blue stage.
Source: 2006 R.I. Republican Senate Primary debate on WPRI Aug 24, 2006

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