State of Rhode Island Archives: on Crime

Gina Raimondo: Tackle human trafficking and strip clubs

Violence in our communities threatens to undermine R.I.'s economic recovery. When children witness domestic violence, it makes it harder to learn in school. And we must do more to prevent the human trafficking that has made its way to the front pages of our newspapers. As governor, Gina will:
Source: 2014 R.I. Gubernatorial campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

Bobby Nardolillo: Public safety is a fundamental duty of government

I believe that public safety is a fundamental duty of government through the creation and enforcement of just and fair laws. I believe that the quality of public safety directly correlates to quality of life. These simple truths guide my principles as it pertains to ensuring that our residents are able to pursue life, liberty and happiness without the concern of danger to themselves and their family.

Public safety is a multifaceted issue that requires a comprehensive approach to ensure the well being of all Rhode Island families. I have very strong views on sex offenders and the weak legislation that continually fails to protect those who are, have been and will be victimized.

As a victim of sexual assault as a minor, I also take this issue very very seriously. I will fight to put an end this terrible scourge on our society. I have to live everyday with this and I will work my hardest to protect and prevent this from harming our children through st