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Tom Smith: Compliance with regulations is strangling business

Regulations are a stumbling block to job creation, he says. "I've talked to doctors' groups, I've talked to manufacturers, builders, farmers, bankers," he says. "It doesn't matter to whom I speak, they're all getting regulated to death."

Instead of reasonable regulations, Smith says, the Obama administration has "gone to excess, and they are just strangling business. We have to spend so much time just asking, 'Are we in compliance?' instead of producing and expanding."

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer on 2012 PA Senate debate Sep 23, 2012

Steve Welch: Current tax code punishes small businesses while GE pays 0%

The rest of the debate focused on job creation and the economy, specifically corporate tax rates. All of the candidates favored lowering the corporate tax rate to promote job creation.

Welch said that the current tax code punishes small businesses, and that there are too many loopholes for large corporations (he made a few references to GE paying 0 percent taxes throughout the debate).

Source: coverage of 2012 PA Senate debate Jan 21, 2012

Joe Sestak: The plaque says 'We the People,' not 'We the Corporations'

Toomey accused Sestak of supporting policies of bigger spending and higher taxes. He argued that such policies are have "a chilling effect on our ability to create jobs." Sestak attacked Toomey's pro-business stance. Pointing to the backdrop of the debat hall, Sestak said, "It says above us in Constitution Hall, 'We the People.' Not, 'We the Corporations'"

In closing remarks, Sestak repeated his people approach in this election. "It is we the people. Not we the corporations; nor we Wall Street."

Source: Epoch Times coverage of 2010 PA Senate debate Oct 23, 2010

Hillary Clinton: Take back $55B in Bushís industry give-aways

We need a fighter back in the White House. We need someone whoís going to take on the special interests.

I have a plan to take away $55 billion of the giveaways and the subsidies that the president and Congress have lavished on the drug companies and the oil companies and the insurance companies and Wall Street. And I have a plan to give that money back--give it back in tax cuts to the middle class--to people who deserve it, who have been struggling under this president, who feel invisible, who feel like theyíre not even seen anymore.

Now, obviously, I canít do this alone. I can only do it if I get people who believe in me and support me and who look at my track record and know that Iíve spent a lifetime trying to empower people, trying to fight for them.

And I will turn this economy around. We will get back to shared prosperity and we will see once again that we can do this the right way so itís not just a government of the few, by the few and for the few.

Source: 2008 Philadelphia primary debate, on eve of PA primary Apr 16, 2008

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