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Kevin Stine: Any reasonable reform includes a pathway to citizenship

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens"?

A: Support. Any reasonable suggestion for immigration reform needs to include a pathway to citizenship.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Oregon Senate race with OnTheIssues Jan 1, 2016

Kate Brown: Oregon will accept refugees and help them rebuild lives

Oregon will continue to accept refugees. They seek safe haven and we will continue to open the doors of opportunity to them. As Oregonians, it is our moral obligation to help them rebuild their lives. In Oregon we will continue to abide by federal laws regarding resettlement. Oregon does not have a direct role or act independently of the federal government.
Source: The Advocate on 2016 Oregon gubernatorial race Nov 18, 2015

Kate Brown: Open the doors of opportunity for Syrian refugees

Gov. Kate Brown broke her silence on the controversy over resettling Syrian refugees, saying that Oregon will "open the doors of opportunity" for displaced people. "Clearly, Oregon will continue to accept refugees," Brown tweeted. "They seek safe haven and we will continue to open the doors of opportunity for them." Brown posted a second tweet: "The words on the Statue of Liberty apply in Oregon just as they do in every other state."

In a letter to Rep. Bill Post, R-Keizer, Brown said she has neither the authority nor the will to keep Syrian refugees from resettling in Oregon. "As Oregonians, it is our moral obligation to help them rebuild their lives," Brown wrote. "In Oregon we will continue to abide by federal laws regarding resettlement. Oregon does not have a direct role or act independently of the federal government."

Brown's statements came as a wave of mostly Republican governors across the U.S. have sought to close state borders to Syrian refugees.

Source: The Oregonian on Syrian refugees: 2016 Oregon governor race Nov 17, 2015

Mark Callahan: No driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

The issue of illegal immigration has been a major topic for many years in America. I personally worked with, and strongly supported, those that were against Measure 88 in the November 2014 election to stop driver's licenses from being given to illegal immigrants. As the election results indicated, most of Oregon, by strong majority margins in 35 of the 36 counties agreed that driver's licenses for illegal immigrants was not a good idea, and Measure 88 was voted down.

When blanket amnesty was granted in 1986, it created a message that spread across the world. The message became "the welcome mat is out in America with no repercussions". For over two decades this problem of illegal immigration has been compounded by having porous borders and lack of enforcement.

If elected, I will fight to do what is best for American families, while keeping us safe by advocating for complete border security. We must get our arms around this issue before irreparable damage is done

Source: 2016 Oregon Senate campaign website, Oct 9, 2015

Kate Brown: Expand state college aid to undocumented students

Excerpts from The Oregonian:

Status:Passed Senate, 17-12-1; passed Assembly 34-25-1; Signed by the Governor 8/12/2015

Source: The Oregonian on Oregon legislative voting records: SB 9 Jul 22, 2015

Monica Wehby: Secure the border but increase H1B visas & guest workers

Dr. Monica Wehby believes that before we make any reforms to our immigration system that we must secure the border. Border security must be the immediate priority. Monica is also against amnesty for those who came here illegally. That simply isn't fair to the people who came here through the proper channels. Dr. Monica Wehby also believes that we need to increase the amount of H1B visas for skilled workers. It doesn't make any sense to train and educate these workers in the U.S. and then force them to take the skills they learned here to another country. Dr. Monica Wehby also believes we should work with Oregon's agriculturists to develop a temporary guest worker program that works.
Source: 2014 Ore. Senate campaign website, Mar 18, 2014

Jason Conger: Voted NO on drivers licenses for non-resident aliens

SB 833: Authorizes Drivers Licenses for Individuals Without Legal Proof of US Residence (Bill Passed House, 38-20); Conger voted Nay.
Source: 2013-2014 Oregon Senate & House legislative voting records Apr 30, 2013

Jason Conger: Stricter rules for non-citizen college tuition equity

House Bill 2787 would grant in-state tuition for undocumented students who have attended school in the country for at least 5 years; studied at an Oregon high school for at least 3 years, and graduated; and show intention to become a US citizen or lawful permanent resident. Supporters said it would allow children raised in Oregon to contribute to the state's economy.

House Republicans unsuccessfully proposed an alternative version that would have let the bill expire in 2016 and limited tuition equity to undocumented immigrants who are in the US by July 1. Republicans also sought stricter guidelines on how students could demonstrate they intend to become lawful residents. The House rejected the alternative proposal 23-33, leading several Republicans to attack Democrats for what they saw as a wasted opportunity to compromise. "We could have achieved some admirable goals with this bill without ignoring the concerns of many Oregonians," said Rep. Jason Conger, R-Bend. "I consider this a failure."

Source: The Oregonian on 2014 Oregon Senate debate Feb 22, 2013

Jeff Merkley: Rated 90% by Oregonians for Immigration Reform

Representative Merkley supported the interests of the Oregonians for Immigration Reform 90% in 2001-2002.

OFIR, Oregonians For Immigration Reform, is a non-profit organization whose members believe that our immigration laws & practices must be reformed We are very critical of the national laws relating to legal immigration and of the enforcement policies of both the Clinton and Bush administrations relative to illegal immigration.

Source: Oregon State Legislative Voting Records Jan 1, 2003

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