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Jason Conger: Delay health plan cancellations due to ObamaCare

Rep. Jason Conger released a statement today questioning the Oregon Insurance Commissioner's refusal to delay the cancellation of health insurance plans for over 140,000 Oregonians due to ObamaCare. Rep. Conger said he planned to use legislative days next week to explore potential solutions with his fellow legislators.

"We were promised that 'If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep it,' " Conger said. "Millions of Americans, and over 140,000 Oregonians, are now finding out that it is not true and are losing their health insurance coverage. We need to do whatever we can at the state level to help individuals and families who are losing their health insurance coverage in just a few weeks."

"It is outrageous that 140,000 Oregonians will be forced out of the health plan they chose, despite the promises that were made," explained Rep. Conger. "I plan on meeting with my colleagues to find a way to help the families that have been impacted by the ObamaCare roll out."

Source: Oregon Catalyst AdWatch of Conger 2014 Senate press release Nov 13, 2013

Jeff Merkley: AdWatch: Targeted by RNC robocalls for support of ObamaCare

Sen. Jeff Merkley is among 11 Democrats targeted by the Republican National Committee for their support of ObamaCare. The RNC is using robocalls and posting on Facebook to urge people to call their representatives and ask "why they supported President Obama's lie that people could keep their healthcare plans under ObamaCare."

The targets besides Merkley are Reps. Gary Peters (MI) and Bruce Braley (IA), Sens. Mark Warner (VA), Mark Begich (AK), Dick Durbin (IL), Kay Hagan (NC), Mary Landrieu (LA), Mark Pryor (AR), Jeanne Shaheen (NH), and Mark Udall (CO). The robocall script reads:

"President Obama and the Democrats said you could keep your healthcare plan under ObamaCare. Now we know [SENATOR] actually VOTED to make it more difficult. Call [SENATOR] at (XXX)-XXX-XXX & ask why [he/she] lied."

The robocalls are a response to Democrats launching the "GOP Shutdown Watch" campaign, highlighting Republican senate candidates who supported the partial federal government shutdown.

Source: MI Daily Tribune AdWatch: 2014 Oregon Senate debate Nov 5, 2013

Winona LaDuke: Moms know we need an affordable health care system

LaDuke, whose children are her first priority, feels that family values are very important. She said that the values set by Gore and Bush are mythologized. Today’s families are far more diverse, she said, such as children being raised by single gay parents and gay couples. Being a mom, she said she sees much of what many men do not see, such as the need for an affordable health care system.
Source: U-wire article, “Native Week at Oregon State” May 23, 2000

Winona LaDuke: Aid to families is sacrificed in favor of military aid

LaDuke feels that money for health care can easily come from demilitarizing the country. Sometimes, on the reservation, families must wait a year for dental care, which is sacrificed so that the military can pay to arm countries like Colombia.
Source: U-wire article, “Native Week at Oregon State” May 23, 2000

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