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Matt Silverstein: Ban earmarks & cut spending to reduce debt

We must take responsible steps to deal with the federal debt or it will deal with us. If we fail to reduce the debt it will quickly begin swallowing a bigger and bigger piece of the federal budget that should be going to prudent investments.

We need to stop wasting our money on bad investments. Matt agrees that we must permanently ban earmarks. We will never get our fiscal house in order if we follow the advice of career politicians like Jim Inhofe who defend pork barrel politics such as earmarks, which allows every member of Congress to waste our money on their own personal pet projects. Too many politicians, Republicans and Democrats, think big spending is okay as long as it's "their spending" and that has to change.

We'll never get our fiscal house in order with pork barrel politics and Matt will bring a breath of fresh air by attacking the waste, fraud, and abuse that comes from BOTH political parties in Washington DC.

Source: 2014 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Nov 11, 2013

Rick Weiland: Federal shutdown is more than wrong; it is shameful

SD Senate candidate Rick Weiland said his vehement opposition to the shutdown of the Federal government and Mike Rounds cheerleading in favor of that shutdown and threat to default on the nation's debt is and will remain the number one issue in their campaign for US Senate.

Weiland, who has called the shutdown a sellout to an extremist Republican minority that is representative of neither the American public, nor even the Republican Party, said Rounds should be ashamed of his support for the most irresponsible political position taken by a major party in the last 50 years. "This is pandering to extremism in its crudest form. Mike Rounds believes in his heart the shutdown blackmail game of the extreme right is wrong. We need to re-open the government and pass the Farm Bill." Weiland added. "It is a disgrace that Republicans are playing politics with Head Start programs and the Social Security benefits that our seniors depend on. It's more than wrong, it is shameful," Weiland continued.

Source: AdWatch: Weiland campaign email: 2014 Oklahoma Senate debate Oct 15, 2013

Brad Henry: Increase the Rainy Day Fund from 10% to 15% of revenue

This budget crisis is precisely the kind of emergency that citizens envisioned 25 years ago when they voted to create the Rainy Day Fund. Now is the time to use our reserve dollars to preserve crucial services.

We must also ensure that our emergency fund is adequate to meet our future needs. This year, I ask for your support in raising the cap on Rainy Day Fund deposits from 10 percent to 15 percent of general revenue collections. We owe that to the people of this state.

Source: Oklahoma 2010 State of the State Address Feb 1, 2010

Andrew Rice: Government’s basic functions must be well funded

Rice is a “competence-in-government Democrat”. His record on taxes shows he will work to ensure that American taxpayers are getting their money’s worth from their federal government. Oklahomans know that in today’s world, you get what you pay for. Rice believes that government’s basic functions like national defense, law enforcement, disaster relief and recovery, infrastructure, education and health care for the poor must be well funded and efficiently managed.
Source: 2008 Senate campaign website “Details” May 21, 2008

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