State of New York Archives: on Gun Control

Bob Turner: No cross-state reciprocity on carry permits

Republican candidates for federal office are not about to bash or call for repeal of the Second Amendment. But opinions on gun issues have their gradations. As a Congressman, Senate candidate Bob Turner noted that he has mostly agreed with the NRA but not on the matter of "reciprocity" where carry rights in other states would be recognized in New York.
Source: Long Island Newsday on 2012 N. Y. Senate debate Jun 17, 2012

Kirsten Gillibrand: Shifted to left because "I fight for my constituents"

Gillibrand explained her sharp shift to the political left--particularly on gun control and immigration--since Gov. Paterson appointed her to the statewide seat last year. "One thing that's clear is that I always fight for my constituents," she said; noting that she's now focused on keeping illegal guns out of cities.

DioGuardi said voters could get "whiplash" watching Gillibrand's policy changes. "She sounded like Annie Oakley, and now she's somebody different," DioGuardi said.

Source: New York Post coverage of 2010 N. Y. Senate debate Oct 16, 2010

Hakeem Jeffries: No concealed carry; yes licenses & background checks