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Bill Weld: Priority is not "no fly zone" but to stop killing in Aleppo

Hillary Clinton: There is an effort by the Russian Air Force to destroy Aleppo to eliminate the Syrian rebels. I advocate a no-fly zones & safe zones.

Bill Weld: Clinton's "no fly zone" for Syria risks war. Our policy would have been more restrained than hers. Half of the population of rebel-held Aleppo have said they will leave if there is a path. I am afraid that Assad is going to take the territory. My priority now would be to prevent further slaughter of innocents in Aleppo.

Source: N. Y. Times on Second 2016 Presidential Debate Oct 10, 2016

Rick Perry: Cancel any nuclear deal Obama makes with Iran

A former Air Force pilot, Perry advocates muscular intervention on foreign policy. Perry has pledged that, if elected, he would kill any deal the United States reaches with Iran over its nuclear program. And he has called for the United States to take a more active role diplomatically to remove Hamas's missiles from Gaza, calling Israel, which he has visited repeatedly, a "tremendous ally."
Source: N. Y. Times 2015 coverage of 2016 presidential hopefuls Jun 4, 2015

Rick Perry: Our allies doubt us and our adversaries test us

Rick Perry's speech at CPAC focused mostly on foreign policy issues. Perry showed off some newly-found foreign policy chops in a plainspoken speech at CPAC, emphasizing pressing national security issues like ISIS, Iran's nuclear program and the nation's relationship with Israel: "At no time in the last 25 years has the future been more uncertain and the world been more dangerous than it is today," Perry said, slamming President Obama's response to ISIS and Russia as "naive, dangerous and misguided."

"Here's the simple truth about our foreign policy: Our allies doubt us and our adversaries are all too willing to test us," he said.

Perry, however, devoted the crux of his appearance to bashing Obama, whose years in office he compared to some of the worst catastrophes to befall the country in recent generations. "This country's been through a lot. We went through a civil war; two world wars; we will survive the Obama years too," he said.

Source: N. Y. Daily News on 2015 Conservative Political Action Conf. Feb 27, 2015

Ben Carson: Don't just sit around waiting to see what other people do

Carson fielded a few questions during the question-and-answer session about his views on foreign affairs, saying that the U.S. must take a stronger leadership role in the world: "I'm ready for leadership on the world stage and not just sitting around and waiting to see what other people do," he said.

The four-day CPAC is commonly regarded by conservatives as a testing ground for likely presidential candidates. Carson hasn't said whether he will run.

Source: N. Y. Daily News: 2015 Conservative Political Action Conf. Feb 26, 2015

Jeb Bush: Pressured father's V.P. staff to help Cuban prisoners

Jeb Bush's most pointed pleas focused on the plight of Cuban exiles, an increasingly influential group by the time he arrived in Miami in 1980. Bush, who spoke fluent Spanish and had married a woman he met in Mexico, was quickly welcomed by Cubans, and he adopted their causes as his own, espousing their hard line against Fidel Castro's government.

Jeb Bush sought to arrange a meeting between his father and exile leaders. He called for economic sanctions that would "tighten the noose on Castro." And he questioned the Justice Department's prosecution of a Cuban militant who had already been incarcerated in "Castro's jail for 23 years."

Jeb Bush also sought a promotion for an Army colonel who he noted could become the first United States general of Cuban origin. The president's staff thought better of acting on that request. "Armed Services promotion board reacts very negatively to any sort of political pressure, perceived or otherwise," wrote one of his father's top aides.

Source: N. Y. Times 2015 profiles of 2016 Presidential hopefuls Feb 15, 2015

Chris Christie: Given who I am, Putin would not have invaded Crimea

A few days after Russian forces invaded Crimea, Gov. Chris Christie was asked at a confidential meeting how he would have handled the situation differently from President Obama.

According to an audio recording of the event, he said Putin had taken the measure of Obama. "I don't believe, given who I am, that he would make the same judgment," Christie said. "Let's leave it at that." One attendee described Christie's answer as disturbingly heavy on swagger and light on substance.

Christie places tremendous value on the personal projection of authority, as evidenced by his suggestion that Putin would think twice about challenging him. "Foreign policy, in my view, is about human relationships," Christie said at an American Enterprise Institute conference. "Men and women across the world judge each other," Christie said, "and they take a measure of the person based on your actions and your words." With Obama, he said mockingly, "words matter more to him than actions."

Source: N. Y. Times 2014 coverage of 2016 presidential hopefuls Sep 2, 2014

Jason Carter: Declares his powerful connection to Israel

Like many candidates, Jason Carter, the Democratic nominee for governor in Georgia, is courting the Jewish vote. But when Carter, a state senator, declared his "powerful connection" to Israel, it was more than a campaign sound bite. It was a not-so-subtle attempt to distance himself from a man he has loved and admired since boyhood: his grandfather, former President Jimmy Carter.

The former president's views on Israel are not the only ones to make his grandson squirm. Of the elder Carter's call to ban the death penalty, his grandson said, "I love my grandfather, but we disagree."

The elder Mr. Carter has plunged into his grandson's campaign. "He got elected governor of Georgia by shaking 600,000 hands," the younger Mr. Carter said. "That's what he would tell you: 'You've got to go to the grocery store and shake everybody's hand.' "

Source: N. Y. Times on 2014 Georgia gubernatorial race Jul 26, 2014

Marco Rubio: Only America can stand up to world totalitarianism

Alarmed by the rise of noninterventionist voices in his party, Sen. Rubio is trying to become the leading voice for a muscular brand of foreign policy. The road to presidential success in IA and NH may not run through the Crimean Peninsula or the streets of Caracas, but Rubio has used Russia's incursion into Ukraine and the violent clashes in Venezuela to remind Republicans of their orthodoxy--projecting strength abroad.

Rubio sought to link the right's resolute belief in American exceptionalism with a call for the US to play a more robust role in confronting bad actors on the world stage: "There is only one nation on earth capable of rallying and bringing together the free people on this planet to stand up to the spread of totalitarianism," Rubio told CPAC attendees, offering a tour d'horizon of affairs in China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Russia.

That posture stands in contrast with Sen. Rand Paul, who argues that the US should be wary of foreign intervention.

Source: N. Y. Times on 2014 CPAC convention Mar 7, 2014

Bob Turner: We have yet to find out who are the bad guys in Syria

Other strange statements included Turner commenting on the Syria crisis that we have 'yet to find out who are the bad guys'. They all advocated no military intervention, but Maragos advocated pressure on 'Russia' and the Arab League.
Source: PR Newsire / on 2012 N. Y. Senate debates Jun 18, 2012

Joe DioGuardi: Yes, I was a lobbyist; to fight Albanian genocide

GILLIBRAND TV AD CLAIM: A former congressman turned lobbyist.

DIOGUARDI REFUTATION: After leaving Congress, DioGuardi worked to end the genocide of Albanians in the former Yugoslavia. He traveled from safe house to safe house collecting documents that revealed the gruesome realities that were occurring; he shared these with Congress, and thereby qualifies as a lobbyist. While DioGuardi was fighting genocide, Gillibrand worked to help Philip Morris, and maintains strong ties with Big Tobacco.

Source: Albany Times Union coverage of 2010 N. Y. Senate debate Oct 6, 2010

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