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Zephyr Teachout: Level playing field between family stores and big business

The centerpiece of my economic policy would be to level the playing field between independent business and big business. Franchises are being squeezed by the corporate McDonald's or Yum Brands at the top, while family stores--an anchor of immigrant communities--face huge pressures in an economy geared towards benefiting the big and the rich. I would push to enforce our antitrust laws, so that we have markets with real competition and real opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business-- the engines of our economy--to create jobs and thrive.

I would roll-back the tax cuts Governor Cuomo handed the wealthy few. We should extend the millionaire's tax beyond 2017, to ensure we can fund our schools and public programs for the long-term. We should bring back a form of the bank tax, and review the corporate tax system, to ensure companies pay their fair share.

Source: 2014 N. Y. Governor campaign website, Jul 2, 2014

Ben Sasse: FactCheck: stretched truth on job as management consultant

Ben Sasse and Tom Cotton have a lot in common: Republican candidacies for the Senate, Ivy League advanced degrees--a Yale PhD for Sasse, a Harvard law degree for Cotton--and a tour of duty in the white-shoe world of management consulting. One more thing: They are running as common-man conservatives from the heartland under the banner of the Tea Party.

The resumes of Sasse (R, NE) and Cotton (D, AR) do not exactly fit the profile of populists. That is especially true for the lines dedicated to the Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey & Company, firms that advise corporations on strategy, efficiency and ways to increase profitability.

In Sasse's case, he has used ties to McKinsey to burnish his private sector credentials, but in the process, he has stretched the point. He says on his campaign website that he "joined McKinsey & Company, advising leaders in times of crisis." He was actually a "special adviser" to the firm, on an hourly contract--never an employee.

Source: N. Y. Times FactCheck on 2014 Nebraska Senate race May 17, 2014

Al Franken: Block merger of biggest & 2nd biggest cable providers

In New York two years ago Franken ran into Lorne Michaels, his former boss at "Saturday Night Live," chatting with the CEO of Comcast, which had recently acquired NBC-Universal in a deal that Franken opposed. "I fought to prevent this!" Franken blurted out to the two men.

After a failed attempt to block the Comcast-NBC-Universal merger, Franken has emerged as the leading congressional opponent of Comcast's $45 billion bid to take over Time-Warner Cable, a merger that would unite the nation's two biggest cable companies. He was the only lawmaker to explicitly say he wanted the merger blocked.

"We've got the biggest cable provider and biggest Internet provider, in Comcast, buying the 2nd-biggest cable provider and 3rd-largest Internet provider, and I'm very worried that will create a company that's too big," Franken said. "They're going to use their position to leverage higher cable prices and to dictate a lot of things that will make for fewer choices, and their service will be even worse."

Source: N. Y. Times on 2014 Minnesota Senate race Apr 11, 2014

Kirsten Gillibrand: Access to capital for small business will create jobs

Gillibrand says she doesn't think it's possible to tell how many jobs a politician has created, adding, "The number one thing we should be doing to create jobs in this state--in this country right now--is getting access to capital into our small businesses."

DioGuardi counters, "Not only did you not create jobs, we've lost many jobs. You've got to be aggressive about what you do to change that and one of the things is: we're in a toxic environment in this state--mainly because of your party."

Source: Fox News 23 coverage of 2010 N. Y. Senate debate Oct 21, 2010

David Paterson: Replace failed Empire Zone program with Excelsior Program

Unfortunately, our Empire Zone program is no longer working. So, as I said last year, we are going to put it where it belongs--in the past. We are no longer going to provide tax credits for businesses that do not provide the jobs that we were promised.

To develop this program, we went all around the State, seeking out business leaders that would give us advice in all communities. We have come back with three aggressive initiatives targeted for growth industries, such as clean energy, broadband, information systems, and bio-technology.

Source: N. Y. 2010 State of the State Address Jan 6, 2010

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