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Dave Heineman: We lowered taxes over last 3 years; do same for next 4 years

Our efforts to lower taxes three years ago and our determined resolve not to raise them the past three years has resulted in a more competitive business environment and improved rankings in the annual Tax Foundation survey. In 2006, Nebraska's business climate was ranked 45th of 50 states. We were one of the top 10 highest taxed states in America. Today Nebraska is 29th. We have improved our ranking more than any other state except one. During the next four years, we need to reform our income tax system so that middle class families and small business owners don't pay at the same marginal rate as Nebraska's richest citizen. We need to lower corporate tax rates. Lowering taxes will create more job opportunities for our citizens.
Source: 2011 Nebraska State of the State Address Jan 13, 2011

Scott Kleeb: Close corporate tax loopholes; keep R&D tax credits

In the U.S. Senate, Scott will advocate for sound measures like:
  • Closing loopholes that allow corporations to avoid paying their fair share in taxes.
  • Continuing the child care tax credit.
  • Providing small businesses, like those developing and creating jobs in renewable energy, tax cuts to spur research and development.
    Source: Campaign booklet, Nebraska’s Brand of Change, p. 4-5 Aug 19, 2008

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