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John Bohlinger: Strong advocate of a single-payer system like Medicare

I asked Bohlinger how he'd talk to Montana voters about the Affordable Care Act.

"We know that the Affordable Care Act has met with a great deal of resistance in Montana," he said, carefully. "People are disappointed that it hasn't been able to deliver what was promised. We know that--oh, gosh, more than 30,000 Montanans have had their insurance policies canceled."

"It's 38,000 now," interjected Bohlinger's strategist.

"And the new insurance is more expensive than the old insurance," said the candidate. "It hasn't worked. We're strong advocates of a single-payer system. Medicare works for me." Bohlinger went on, talking about how Montana had invested in hospitals for state employees, and how one of them had outfitted him with a titanium hip. "My out-of-pocket cost was $300."

Source: David Weigel on on 2014 Montana Senate race Dec 13, 2013

John Bohlinger: Expand Medicaid to cover 70,000 low-income Montanans

John Bohlinger stepped into the health-care fray Wednesday, saying Gov. Steve Bullock should call a special session of the Legislature to expand Medicaid to cover 70,000 low-income Montanans without health insurance. "I think this is a crisis and this is something that has to be dealt with," Bohlinger told reporters. "I say let's bring the legislative assembly together to deal with the problem now."

Yet the Democratic governor expressed no enthusiasm for the idea. Bullock, who proposed expanding Medicaid this year, has said that he sees no point in calling a special session, because the Republican majority in the Legislature is likely to reject it again.

Bohlinger said the issue of Medicaid expansion is too important to wait until 2015. Thousands of low-income Montanans are unable to get health-care coverage that will be required next year, either because they've had difficult using the new online ObamaCare marketplace or because they're too poor to get any assistance, he said.

Source: Ravalli Republic on 2014 Montana Senate race Nov 20, 2013

Steve Bullock: Access Health Montana: increase coverage and access

To have a healthy economy, we need healthy citizens. For those of us with health insurance, we're paying too much and getting too little. And for the tens of thousands of Montanans who don't have insurance, the Emergency Room has become a primary care facility, pushing costs for all of us even higher. The fact is, subsidizing expensive ER care for the uninsured costs Montanans $300 million a year. That makes no sense when there is a smarter, cheaper way to provide better care.

Through Access Health Montana, we are proposing a made-in-Montana solution designed to increase coverage and access to health care for more Montana families. It will also create a patient-centered delivery system that focuses on coordinating care and improving health, rather than simply treating illness. Implementing these measures will allow us to better control and ultimately lower the costs of health care--slowing the annual rate hikes that hit all of our wallets.

Source: 2013 State of the State Address to Montana legislature Jan 30, 2013

Jon Tester: Protect people with pre-existing medical conditions

Tester defended the Affordable Care Act at times, citing provisions that protect people with pre-existing medical conditions and protect sick people from having their insurance policies terminated. There are parts of the health care bill "that will help" working families and small businesses, he said. "To listen to the Congressman talk, you would think that the old system was just grand. It wasn't grand," Tester said.
Source: Daily Inter Lake on 2012 Montana Senate debates Oct 14, 2012

Michael Lange: No nationalized health care system

Source: Montana Congressional Election 2008 Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2008

Jon Tester: Families can’t afford to get sick; that’s not health care

You need somebody back in Washington DC who’ll address the health care problems in this country. Right now, when families can’t afford to get sick, that’s not health care. We’re 19th in the world; we didn’t used to be that way. You want to talk about medical research? We’re in the process of under-funding the National Institute of Health, so our medical research is going to start heading to the Pacific Rim, under this current administration’s watch. That’s not the right direction.
Source: 2006 Montana 3-way Senate Debate at MSU Oct 9, 2006

Judy Martz: Insured 10,000 kids under CHIPs; aim for 20,000

Thanks to the Children’s Health Insurance Program, 10,000 formerly uninsured youngsters have good health insurance coverage. That’s progress in my book. We eliminated the small enrollment fee and have simplified the application process. We have come half way in our goal to insure a total of 20,000 children. I’m going to continue to bring more Montanans under the umbrella of affordable health insurance. We’ll qualify families for CHIP at incomes up to 160% of poverty.
Source: 2001 State of the State Address to Montana Legislature Jan 25, 2001

Corey Stapleton: Government not responsible for medical care

Source: 2000 Montana State National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2000

John Bohlinger: Ensure healthcare for uninsured children

Source: Montana Legislative 1998 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1998

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