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Phil Bryant: ObamaCare adds 300,000 entitlements; get people off Medicaid

The Affordable Care Act [has a large] potential impact on Mississippi. Any law that will add 300,000 Mississippians to a federal entitlement program partially funded by the state will either result in a huge tax increase or drastic cuts to education, public safety, job creation and other budgets. It will leave our children and grandchildren with ballooning federal debt.

Instead of assuming enormous costs that we cannot afford, I would suggest that we spend our time and efforts in finding good jobs for all Mississippians. We should be compassionate by lowering our Medicaid population through economic growth, personal responsibility, and providing more access to private sector health care.

To help us further develop our medical industry and identify ways to improve our personal health, I am pleased to announce the formation of the Mississippi Health Care Solutions Institute.

Source: 2013 State of the State address to Mississippi Legislature Jan 22, 2013

Phil Bryant: Expand MS School of Medicine; 1,000 new doctors by 2025

One essential health care step we must take is increasing the number of doctors in Mississippi. We know that physicians create about $2 million in economic impact in their communities, including the people they hire and the equipment and supplies they buy to run their offices. Having more providers will create better health care access for Mississippians, thereby lowering the cost of health care.

Just this month, I joined the University of Mississippi Medical Center to break ground on a new expansion of the School of Medicine. With the addition of new classrooms and laboratories, each incoming class of medical students will increase to more than 160. This means Mississippi will graduate more doctors.

The university estimates that by 2025, an expanded medical school would produce 1,000 new physicians and support more than 19,000 new jobs. I ask the Legislature to consider the impact of this medical school on our state and support its growth.

Source: 2013 State of the State address to Mississippi Legislature Jan 22, 2013

Erik Fleming: Supports tax-free medical savings accounts

Source: Mississippi Congressional 2008 Political Courage Test Jul 30, 2008

Ronnie Musgrove: Protect Mississippi’s Health Care Trust Fund

We’re attacking the problems faced by rural citizens in keeping access to health care open & available. We must ensure our dedicated state employees have the quality health insurance they deserve. And, we must protect one of Mississippi’s best investment - the Health Care Trust Fund. Mississippi is one of only five states to remain committed to using the tobacco settlement for the Health Care needs of our people. Many states have used their tobacco settlement to fund deficits in their general budget.
Source: Mississippi State of the State Address, 2002 Jan 16, 2002

Ronnie Musgrove: Enrolled 50,000 in the Children’s Health Insurance Program

Medicaid is so much more than another government agency. It means health insurance for our children, elderly and disabled. The success of Medicaid is evidenced by the enrollment of 87,000 new recipients in the past year. In January of 2000, less than 600 children were enrolled in the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Today, that number is nearly 50,000.
Source: Mississippi State of the State Address, 2002 Jan 16, 2002

Ronnie Musgrove: Medical Education Scholarships for rural doctors

The creation last year of Medical Education Scholarship Programs provides full scholarships for up to twenty new recipients each year provided they agree to serve ten years in family medicine in a critical needs area of our state. In tandem with licensing physicians’ assistants we will begin to see the expansion of access to health care particularly in rural areas. Continuing the effort to recruit doctors and other health care providers to rural Mississippi remains a top priority.
Source: 2001 State of the State Address to Mississippi legislature Jan 4, 2001

Ronnie Musgrove: Invest in state employees’ health plan, despite budget

Mississippi’s package of health benefits for state employees may be better than some states across our nation, but it’s not good enough. As with private plans, deductibles continue to increase while coverage seems to shrink every year. We must not use the budget as an excuse to avoid tackling the difficult issues in health care. We may not solve all the problems with health insurance costs quickly, but we can begin with a sound investment in the health insurance we offer our state employees.
Source: 2001 State of the State Address to Mississippi legislature Jan 4, 2001

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