State of Minnesota Archives: on Health Care

Tim Pawlenty: Supports market-driven healthcare reform

[We must] work together to pass health care reform that is market-driven, restores the relationship between doctors and patients, and uses savings from the system to hold down the cost of health care premiums.
Source: 2008 State of the State speech to Minnesota legislature Feb 13, 2008

Robert Fitzgerald: Opposes single-payer coverage because it’s a liability

Fitzgerald said he doesn’t have a silver bullet to fix the system. “I do know what several options are -- including looking at universal health care and single-payer coverage, which I’m not in favor of because it’s a liability going forward,” Fitzgerald said. “I also know we can take a look at this situation from a consumer-driven model as well, but I don’t know what the answer is to fixing health care in the United States.”
Source: Minnesota Public Radio, “Senate Health” Oct 6, 2006

Robert Fitzgerald: Sever health care coverage from employment

On the issue of health care costs and insuring more people, Fitzgerald says he wants to sever health care coverage from employment. He says workers then won’t lose their coverage when they lose their jobs.
Source: Minnesota Public Radio, “Senate Health” Oct 6, 2006

Norm Coleman: Favors some type of universal coverage

Q: What would you do to help small business with the cost of providing health care?

A: You’ve got to figure out a way to get it done. Paul Wellstone’s been there for twelve years and for twelve years and it hasn’t gotten done. Even if you allow businesses the opportunity to consolidate, with all the mandates you have, health care is still not going to be affordable.

Coleman said government needs to work with businesses to develop a plan, and that he would favor some type of universal coverage

Source: Minnesota Public Radio, Senatorial debates Oct 21, 2002

Mark Dayton: Expand Medicare Rx coverage & other coverage

My plan for universal health care is based on the belief that our society should provide and finance good health care for all Americans. I support making health insurance premiums tax deductible for individuals and the self-employed immediately. In order to lower the cost of health insurance, purchasing pools would be established. I will continue to support the health care systems we have in place such as Medicaid, Medicare and Veterans health benefits and will work to expand coverage and benefits where most needed. The centerpiece of my agenda is the expansion of Medicare coverage for prescription drugs for all seniors.

My plan will also provide discounts of at least 10% on all prescription drugs so that all Americans will benefit. I believe that efforts should be made to correct the inequities of Medicare reimbursement rates between urban and rural areas.

Source: Minnesota Newspaper Association Election Questionnaire Jul 2, 2000

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