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Rick Snyder: Reduce supply, combating production of meth

There is new legislation stepping up the state's efforts to combat the production of illegal methamphetamine. Current efforts to prevent the sale of these legal medicines to people who use it to manufacture the illegal drug are insufficient.

This will give law enforcement the ability to better detect patterns and block sales to people who buy up large quantities of cold & allergy medicine. We will make our communities safer by preventing access to the ingredients needed to manufacture meth.

Source: Michigan 2011 gubernatorial press release, #259269 Jul 15, 2011

George W. Bush: A leader learns from his mistakes and shares wisdom

Itís become clear to America over the course of this campaign that Iíve made mistakes in my life, but Iím proud to tell you Iíve learned from my mistakes. And thatís the role of a leader -- to share wisdom, to share experience with people who are looking for someone to lead.
Source: Speech in Michigan Nov 4, 2000

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2012 Presidential contenders on Drugs:
Pres.Barack Obama(IL)
V.P.Joe Biden(DE)

Gov.Mitt Romney(MA)
Rep.Paul Ryan(WI)
Third Parties:
Green: Dr.Jill Stein(MA)
Libertarian: Gov.Gary Johnson(NM)
Justice: Mayor Rocky Anderson(UT)
Constitution: Rep.Virgil Goode(VA)
Peace+Freedom: Roseanne Barr(HI)
Reform Party: André Barnett(NY)
AmericansElect: Gov.Buddy Roemer(LA)
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