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Terri Lynn Land: AdWatch: No discrimination, but "no comment" on gay- bashing

As prominent Michigan Republicans distance themselves from controversial remarks national committeeman Dave Agema made about homosexuals, Land has refused interview requests, instead choosing to issue only a prepared statement that fails to fully address the comments from Agema. The statement quickly spins from the topic of Agema renewing his religious belief against same-sex marriage and claiming gays want free medical care because they are dying young from AIDS to disparaging Democrats as desperate.

"Terri does not tolerate discriminatory acts or speech, and believes that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect," the emailed statement said.

When reached by phone, Land declined to elaborate on what she finds objectionable about Agema's talk. She deferred to the emailed statement. Land has not responded to questions about whether Agema should be asked to resign. Meanwhile, the state's top elected Republican, Gov. Rick Snyder, has publicly condemned Agema.

Source: AdWatch on 2014 Michigan Senate race press release Dec 13, 2013

Terri Lynn Land: Supports GOP platform which bans same-sex marriage

Terri Lynn Land announced she will continue to serve as National Committeewoman for the National Republican Party while running for Senate. In this role, Land voted for, and will continue to promote, the GOP platform, which called for turning Medicare into a voucher program and a ban on abortion that did not include exceptions for rape, incest or saving a woman's life. Land's extreme GOP platform also supported privatizing Social Security, banning same sex marriage, opposing any gun legislation that would limit "the capacity of clips or magazine," banning women from combat, and a study to determine whether to return the US dollar to the gold standard.

In August 2009, the New York Times reported that the 2012 GOP platform "calls state court decisions recognizing same-sex marriage "an assault on the foundations of our society."

Source: DSCC press release on 2014 Michigan Senate debate Jun 11, 2013

Scotty Boman: Backs gay marriage

After two hours of stepping outside some Republican circles by backing gay marriage and taking a hard libertarian bent, GOP Senate hopeful Scotty Boman admitted his campaign is running on fumes. "I'm doing a Hail Mary as far as getting enough signatures to get in is concerned," Boman said Monday night while giving a closing argument at a candidates forum in Grandville and acknowledging he doesn't have the 15,000 necessary to qualify for the August primary.
Source: Nate Reens in Michigan Live on 2012 Michigan Senate debates May 14, 2012

Rick Snyder: Against benefits for domestic partners

The Civil Service Commission was informed on Wednesday that preliminary numbers show that fewer than 100 people will take advantage of domestic partner benefits. The price tag is estimated to be less than $600,000--a far cry from the $6 million to $8 million the Gov. Rick Snyder administration and legislative Republicans claimed it would be.
Source: Susan Demas on (Michigan News) Sep 22, 2011

Mitt Romney: Equality for Muslims; but follow hate-preachers into mosques

Q: Arab Americans are feeling a bias after Sept. 11th from their fellow Americans. How would you change that?

A: Well, of course, we remind people that this is a nation that recognizes the equality of all individuals. We also want to make sure that our nation is kept safe. And weíre going to pursue any avenue we have to, to assure that people who might be preaching or teaching doctrines of hate or terror are going to be followed into a church or into a school or a mosque or wherever they might be.

Source: 2007 Republican debate in Dearborn, Michigan Oct 9, 2007

Mike Bouchard: Helped pass Michiganís ban on assisted suicide

In the Michigan Senate, Mike Bouchard helped pass Michiganís ban on assisted suicide which took effect in 1998.
Source: Right-to-Life of Michigan campaign comparison brochure Sep 1, 2006

Mike Bouchard: Opposes gay marriage

Gay Marriage/civil unions/gay adoption - Butler opposes all three. Bouchard opposed gay marriage and did not mention the other two. Zandstra opposes all three.
Source: commentary on GOP debate Dec 7, 2005

Alan Keyes: The path to your freedom is standing firm for Godís will

What you stand firm for, what you stand firm for in the way of Godís will, that is the path to your freedom. And that means that if we want freedom, weíre going to have to learn that the only path of citizenship open to people of Christian conscience is the path of that liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free. And that liberty requires that we stand where God wants us to stand, and that we refuse to surrender our rights to acknowledge His will and to live in societies that respect His law.
Source: Rally for the Ten Commandments, Hillsdale, Michigan Feb 7, 2004

Alan Keyes: We live under the tyranny of the federal judges

We live in the moral realm under the tyranny of the judges on the federal bench. They have destroyed our Constitution. They have trampled our rights. They have also violated another provision of the Constitution nobody wants to look at. Itís Article 4, Section 4, which says that the US shall guarantee to each of the states of this union a republican form of government. Republican means ďof the people, by the people, for the people,Ē not ďof the judges, for of the lawyers, by the power of the judiciary.
Source: Rally for the Ten Commandments, Hillsdale, Michigan Feb 7, 2004

Alan Keyes: Protect religion from the state, but not vice versa

Influence can flow from the church to the state, but power and force canít flow back from the state to the church. So, there is a separation, but that separation was not meant to protect the state from the religion. It was meant to protect religion from the state. And what is most ironic and most sad, what would be silly if it werenít so grievous in its consequences, is that the very purpose of the First Amendment it is the amendment cited by the federal judges to impose that very dictatorship.
Source: Rally for the Ten Commandments, Hillsdale, Michigan Feb 7, 2004

Alan Keyes: Right to acknowledge God is the foundation of all our rights

We have seen marches on Washington for the sake of civil rights, union rights, womenís rights and gay rights and every other kind of rights. But at the bottom of it all there is that statement that we get our rights from God. If they donít let us acknowledge God, then they undermine the very foundation of all that courage wherewith we claim our liberty. That means this time, we will come together not just for this right or that right, but for that which is the foundation of all our other rights.
Source: Rally for the Ten Commandments, Hillsdale, Michigan Feb 7, 2004

Mark Schauer: Supports affirmative action

Source: Michigan State 1998 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1998

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