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Eliot Cutler: Helped Senator Ed Muskie craft the Clean Air Act

Maine is a place of unrivaled natural beauty. Maine can also be a place of boundless opportunity--as long as we don't put that great natural beauty or the health of our citizens in harm's way. When I helped Senator Ed Muskie craft the Clean Air Act, he argued over and over again that Maine need not sacrifice jobs for a clean and healthy environment. That's still sound thinking.
Source: 2014 gubernatorial campaign website, Dec 31, 2013

Paul LePage: Abstain from EPA petition to cut Midwest emissions

Environmental groups attacked Gov. Paul LePage for his refusal to sign a petition in favor of tough standards in nine states from which pollution affects air quality in Maine and other eastern states.

Governors in eight stats--including every New England state except Maine--have asked the US EPA to force states in the Midwest and South to reduce ozone-forming power plant emissions.

The LePage administration said Maine joined two other Ozone Protection Zone states--PA & NY--in abstaining from the petition, in part because Maine's air is already clean enough to meet federal standards: "Maine is in attainment with federal air standards and the largest source of impacts to Maine's air is actually from mobile sources, not stationary ones. DEP has strong reasons to believe that future state and federal pollution requirements will mean further overall emission reductions from mobile and stationary sources, and that the state will continue to meet the federal air standards."

Source: Bangor Daily News on 2014 Maine Governor race Dec 9, 2013

Mike Michaud: AdWatch: Replace LePage with a pro-environment governor

A leading environmental group is endorsing Rep. Michaud in what seems to already be a three-person governor's race in Maine. The Sierra Club announced their support for Michaud at a news conference Monday.

The group had already said there's one candidate who's been stricken from their list: Gov. Paul LePage. That left either Michaud or independent Eliot Cutler. A spokesman says the environmental group is devoting all of its resources to replacing LePage with "a pro-environment governor."

Source: MPBN Maine Public Broadcasting on 2014 Maine Governor race Nov 25, 2013

Eliot Cutler: More bus services, dedicated HOV lanes, and bike routes

Q: What policies do you advocate for increasing public transportation choices for Mainers?

A: Our transportation goal should be moving more people and more goods at lower costs and with fewer environmental impacts. New bus services, dedicated lanes for high-occupancy vehicles and buses, bike routes, and sidewalks along existing roads can typically all be obtained for less than 1/10 of the cost of a typical road widening. The last decade has brought exciting success stories for rail transportation in Maine, notably the intermodal facility in Auburn and the return of passenger rail service to Maine. State investments in new or expanded transportation systems--whether roads, passenger or freight rail, buses or other modes--need to meet a cost-effectiveness test and need to be compared with alternatives where the analysis takes into account not only the economic costs and benefits of the alternatives, but also the environmental costs and benefits.

Source: Sierra Club Questionnaire on 2014 Maine Gubernatorial race Oct 16, 2013

Paul LePage: Change environmental laws to replace red tape with jobs

LePage sent to the Legislature's new Joint Select Committee on Regulatory Fairness and Reform 36 sweeping changes to environmental laws. LePage's submission ignited howls of protest from environmental groups, who had met with the governor in a forum to try to persuade him that environmental laws are good for the economy. "We are shocked and stunned," said the executive director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, one of the state's largest and oldest environmental advocacy groups.

LePage's proposals are based on a series of "red tape workshops" that the administration is holding with chambers of commerce to identify government rules that may dampen the state's business climate. "Job creation and investment opportunities are being lost because we do not have a fair balance between our economic interests and the need to protect the environment," LePage said in a written statement accompanying the list.

Source: Portland Press Herald on 2014 Maine gubernatorial race Jan 25, 2011

Paul LePage: Stop manufacturer recycling; start cost-benefit analyses

Some of the governor's proposals for environmental reform include:
  • Opening 10 million acres of northern Maine to development.
  • Revise the law so that manufacturers do not have to pay to recycle their consumer products.
  • Reverse a vote taken by the state Board of Environmental Protection to phase out the use of bisphenol A in children's products.
  • Making Maine's environmental laws conform to less stringent federal standards.
  • Requiring a cost-benefit analysis for all rulemakings.
  • Relaxing air emissions removal standards, especially for smaller projects.
  • Replacing the BEP with a system of administrative judges who would hear appeals of state Department of Environmental Protection staff decisions.
  • Allowing vertical building additions on sand dunes whether or not the entire building is on posts.
  • Requiring the DEP to act within 30 days of receiving applications for site development permits.
  • Source: Portland Press Herald on 2014 Maine gubernatorial race Jan 25, 2011

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