State of Maryland Archives: on Tax Reform

Rob Sobhani: 15% flat rate for most workers; high earners pay more

If the head of the IRS has to hire an accountant to file his own taxes, we obviously have a tax code that is too convoluted and unfair! We can reduce tax rates if we eliminate loopholes. I favor a simple, 15% flat rate for most working Americans. Those who are making a lot more can pay a little more. While we reform our tax code, we must be careful not to penalize success or chase capital overseas.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, Oct 15, 2012

Michael Steele: Create legacy wealth for future generations

Michael is focused on pursuing economic policies that strengthen the economy, empower entrepreneurs and create real legacy wealth for future generations.

Lt. Gov. Steele and Gov. Ehrlich reversed the $4 billion deficit they inherited when they took office and created $2.4 billion in budget surpluses. Pro-growth policies at the state and federal level are encouraging low unemployment rates and fostering a climate for continued job growth.

Source: Campaign site,, “On the Issues” May 2, 2006

Parris Glendening: Cut 28 taxes & returned $2.6B to taxpayers

But the people of Maryland were concerned [when my term began] as they faced low job growth, made worse by the mis-perception of Maryland as a high-tax state. Today Maryland has one of the nation’s strongest economies: unemployment is near an all-time low; we have the highest family income in the nation; we have one of the lowest overall poverty rates in the country. And--at the same time--we cut 28 taxes, returning nearly $2.6 billion to taxpayers, including the first Income Tax cut in 30 years.
Source: 2001 State of the State speech to Maryland legislature Jan 8, 2001

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2012 Presidential contenders on Tax Reform:
Pres.Barack Obama(IL)
V.P.Joe Biden(DE)

Gov.Mitt Romney(MA)
Rep.Paul Ryan(WI)
Third Parties:
Green: Dr.Jill Stein(MA)
Libertarian: Gov.Gary Johnson(NM)
Justice: Mayor Rocky Anderson(UT)
Constitution: Rep.Virgil Goode(VA)
Peace+Freedom: Roseanne Barr(HI)
Reform Party: André Barnett(NY)
AmericansElect: Gov.Buddy Roemer(LA)
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