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Buddy Roemer: Won Governor & House seat with voluntary contribution limit

Roemer is back, making an improbable run at the 2012 GOP nomination for president. Roemer, who plays down his Harvard MBA in favor of a folksy, fresh-off-the-family-cotton-farm demeanor, impressed some political observers with a forceful speech at an Iowa candidate forum last week. His biggest applause line: a "declaration of independence" from special interests, punctuated by his pledge to take no political action committee money--and no donation at all greater than $100.

The other potential candidates, "they've got PACs and they've got airplanes," Roemer told the crowd. "All I've got is me and you. I think it's enough."

Roemer has gotten by before without big money. He served four terms in the House in the 1980s and was one of the few members of Congress to decline PAC money. He voluntarily set strict campaign-contribution limits during his successful run for governor in 1987.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, "Longshot from Louisiana" Mar 16, 2011

John Neely Kennedy: No pay-for-play; campaign contributions notwithstanding

Landrieu questioned why Kennedy would take more than $350,000 in campaign contributions from businesses and individuals who had projects before the Bond Commission, which Kennedy chairs.

Landrieu suggested that was an impropriety since Kennedy can decide what projects appear on commission agendas each month. “There’s a lot of talk around Louisiana about how you get on the agenda,” Landrieu said.

Kennedy denied any pay-for-play suggestions, and he said he was glad to compare his record to Landrieu’s campaign contributions, which he said include $300,000 from Wall Street firms and more than $200,000 from executives with collapsed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. “Sen. Landrieu criticizing my fundraising is a little bit like being called vain by Donald Trump,” Kennedy said.

Source: 2008 Louisiana Senate Debate by Associated Press on Oct 16, 2008

Mary Landrieu: I have delivered for Louisiana; send me back for more

In past debates Kennedy opened by aligning himself with John McCain, but [in this debate] he described his ideas for re-establishing economic stability in the financial markets and the US economy, an attempt to take control of an issue widely considered a drag on GOP candidates nationwide. “I know many of you are scared. Don’t be. Be concerned, be angry, but don’t be scared,” Kennedy said. “We will survive this economic crisis.”

Landrieu, meanwhile, continued to push herself as a centrist senator who works across party lines and has brought home billions of dollars in aid to Louisiana during her 12 years in Congress, particularly since the blows of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. “Send me back to continue to fight for you, to deliver for you,” she said.

Source: 2008 Louisiana Senate Debate by Associated Press on Oct 16, 2008

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