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Jack Conway: Right to organize is pathway to middle class

Jack believes that the right to organize is fundamental for American workers and is a pathway to the middle class for many Kentucky families. The Conway-Overly ticket has received endorsements from the Teamsters, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the Boilermakers, IUE-CWA, United Auto Workers, the United Food and Commercial Workers, and the Jefferson County Teachers Association.
Source: 2015 Kentucky Governor campaign website, Aug 11, 2015

Matt Bevin: Replace prevailing wage requirements with Right-to-Work

Labor Law Reform: Our plan will update our current labor laws that currently result in self-inflicted economic wounds. This begins with passing comprehensive Right to Work legislation and eliminating prevailing wage requirements for state contracts.
Source: 2015 Kentucky Gubernatorial campaign website, Aug 11, 2015

Alison Grimes: Increase the minimum wage to a living wage

In order to grow our middle class, we must raise the minimum wage to help hardworking Americans achieve a basic standard of living. 2/3 of minimum wage workers in the US are women. Consider a single working mother of two who makes the current federal minimum wage who brings home just $14,500 annually--nearly $4,000 below the poverty line.

Rather than forcing our own neighbors to choose between putting food on the table, getting to work and paying the rent, all Americans deserve a living wage that is consistent with our values. Raising the minimum wage would increase incomes for more than 30 million US workers, and is an important step to ensure workers see the benefits of a growing economy. Doing so would:

Source: 2014 Senate campaign website "Issues" Feb 3, 2014

Steve Beshear: Jobless rate is falling; Kentucky now 2nd in job growth

My immediate goal during the recession was to help our families and businesses survive. But merely surviving was not enough. So we also acted strategically to preserve our ability to make investments in our people and infrastructure that would strengthen Kentucky's long-term capacity. By embracing tough but thoughtful fiscal decisions, you and I brought Kentucky through the worst recession of our lifetimes better than most other states, and today our economic momentum is gaining national recognition. We've made a lot of progress. For example, our one-year net job growth recently ranked second in the nation, and our current unemployment rate is the lowest in over four years. That jobless rate has fallen almost 25% in two years. In fact, we're now adding jobs at the pre-recession pace.
Source: 2013 State of the State speech to Kentucky Legislature Feb 6, 2013

Jack Conway: 20% hometown tax credit for cost of creating a new job

CONWAY: Chris, I'm proposing a hometown tax credit, a 20% tax credit, for the cost of creating a new job. I think it's important that Americans see that our government is not just growing but that we're providing the incentives for the private sector to grow us out of the recession. I also think that we need to get the small and community banks lending once again, because the government bailed out a bunch of big banks on Wall Street, and these regulators have come down awfully hard on the small communit banks.

PAUL: But here's the problem. You say you want new lending from small banks, but you support the banking regulation bill. The problem was with government banks--Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac--bad policy at the Federal Reserve caused the recession, caused the credit crunch. But yet Jack supports--President Obama supports--the new banking regulations, which every bank in Kentucky will tell you it wasn't our problem. No banks failed in Kentucky. But it's much harder to get a loan in Kentucky now.

Source: Fox News Sunday, 2010 Kentucky Senate debate Oct 3, 2010

Bruce Lunsford: Agrees with all issues that AFL-CIO has asked him to support

Throughout the forum, McConnell returned over and over to three themes--energy, clout and what he said was Lunsford’s allegiance to the AFL-CIO. He said the labor organization is diametrically opposed to the interests of the farm bureau.

McConnell said that Republicans have the best solutions for high gas prices and that as Senate minority leader he can get more done than a freshman Democrat. And he said that the labor unions supporting Lunsford would control him in Washington. “I’m not there to do the bidding of organized labor like my opponent,” McConnell said. “If they deliver for him, believe me, he’ll deliver for them.”

Afterward, Lunsford said that he has met with the AFL-CIO and other labor groups and that he has no problem with any of the issues they asked him to support. But he said he isn’t under the union’s thumb. “I don’t think I’ll be a puppet for anyone,” he said.

Source: 2008 Kentucky Senate debate reported in Courier-Journal Aug 21, 2008

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