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Asa Hutchinson: Tax reduction will spur job growth

Asa Hutchinson released his plan for income tax reduction: "My number one priority as Governor will be job creation. One way to spur job growth is through tax reduction. Tax cuts are an effective method to spur economic growth."

Asa's press release sounded like a Bush campaign speech and contained the same promises made by Bush and all Republican candidates for the past 80 years. This should not be a surprise because Asa served 5 years as one of Bush's most trusted official.

Source: The Sun Times on 2014 Arkansas Governor's race Dec 6, 2013

Mike Beebe: Cut regressive grocery sales tax now; eliminate it later

My proposed budget sets aside a relatively small amount of money for tax relief to continue attacking the sales tax on groceries. A half-cent cut is not much. I'd like to do more. But it is the most broad-based tax relief we can offer to our citizens a this time, and it shows our continued commitment and dedication to eliminating this regressive tax.

Beyond that, I don't see any room for additional tax cuts or significant increases in program funding. If we are to retain the enviable national position we now hold, we must remain cautious & conservative. If you make a proposal that seeks to cut revenue or increase spending, the only responsible approach is to state precisely where that money is coming from. If the proposal calls for a tax cut then it is only fair to detail exactly which existing programs you will cut to offset that loss in funding. Abstract claims of hypothetical future growth don't change the immediate impact that a tax cut will have on state revenues and state services.

Source: 2011 Arkansas State of the State Address Jan 11, 2011

Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Extend tax cuts for low and middle income

When it comes to taxes, the candidates had a different take on how to handle tax cuts. "I definitely support extending the tax cuts that have been given to the low and middle income folks because I think they are the ones that will spend that money," Lincoln says.
Source: Today's THV coverage of 2010 Arkansas Senate debate Oct 13, 2010

John Boozman: Support the FairTax; abolish the Internal Revenue Service

The debate focused on Boozman's support of the fair tax and abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service, Lincoln's health care vote and talking points from both sides about the deficit. Lincoln touted her position as chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee. Boozman argued against earmarks.
Source: Politics Daily coverage of 2010 Arkansas Senate Debate Sep 11, 2010

Blanche Lambert Lincoln: The ultrawealthy should not receive tax cuts

The two disagreed over the tax cuts that were instituted under former President George W. Bush, with Lincoln calling for extending the cuts for low to moderate income taxpayers.

Lincoln, however, said that extending the tax cuts for the wealthy should only be done if it can be paid for. "The ultrawealthy, I do not think should receive that tax cut unless it is paid for in a responsible way, and that's an important thing we have Boozman said he supports extending all of the tax cuts and said that not extending them for the higher income taxpayers would hurt small business owners. "The last thing we need to do in this economy is raise expenses on small businesses, especially on small businesses that are making money," Boozman said. "That makes no sense at all."

Source: Associated Press coverage of 2010 Arkansas Senate debate Sep 10, 2010

Blanche Lambert Lincoln: National sales tax of 23% is just a bad idea for Arkansans

Lincoln criticized Boozman's past support of allowing workers to invest their Social Security taxes in private accounts , saying it would privatize the system and hurt retirees. She also criticized Boozman for co-sponsoring legislation that would replace the federal income tax with a national sales tax.

"The 23 percent sales tax is just a bad idea for Arkansans," Lincoln said. "It is replacing your federal income tax with a 23 percent consumption tax on anything you purchase, anything from your bread to your tires to your home to your car."

Boozman defended his position on Social Security and said that private accounts should be looked at as an option. Boozman said that he's open to the idea of the national sales tax and said it would simplify taxes for Americans.

"I think it's something that needs to be looked at. I would love to get rid of the IRS," Boozman said.

Source: Associated Press coverage of 2010 Arkansas Senate debate Sep 10, 2010

Jerry Moran: Voted for tax increases 12 times, and against 200 times

Rep. Todd Tiahrt continued to blast Rep. Jerry Moran for what Tiahrt said was Moran's "compromises" on taxes, saying Moran voted 12 times for tax increases. Moran responded by saying he voted against taxes more than 200 times and stressed his opposition to all the bailout measures of the past few years.

Tiahrt said Moran voted against the Bush tax cuts of 2003. "Those are very disingenuous statements," Moran said. In fact, Moran voted against an earlier budget resolution that included the tax cuts but voted in favor of the final version of tax cuts that passed.

To that, Tiahrt said again, "I'm glad Congressman Moran agrees he voted against the Bush tax cuts." Moran shot back, "Never voted against the Bush tax cuts."

Tiahrt pointed to what he said were Moran's 12 votes to increase taxes. Moran has continually said he voted against tax increases more than 200 times during his career. No matter, Tiahrt said. "Now is not the time for those who will compromise on taxes," he said.

Source: KSNT-TV coverage of 2010 Kansas Senate GOP Primary Debate Jul 6, 2010

Mark Parkinson: Raise cigarette and sales tax to meet $400M budget gap

The recession has devastated state revenues. We have cut $1 billion out of the state budget. We are way beyond the point of cutting waste. We face another budget hole of almost $400 million. We are $400 million short of what we need to keep most of these budgets at their already drastically cut levels.

Here is my plan to come up with the $400 million--we need to raise two taxes. We must take the cigarette and tobacco tax from 79 cents a pack and raise it to the national average of $1.34. Not only will this allow us to raise revenue, it has the added benefit of reducing teen smoking. We must also raise our sales tax by one cent for a temporary period of 36 months. A temporary increase of just one cent allows us to fund our programs at the minimum acceptable levels while we work our way out of this recession. I am then proposing that after the third year the tax retreat, leaving just two tenths of a cent in place that would be available to craft a moderate but necessary highway program.

Source: Kansas 2010 State of the State Address Jan 11, 2010

Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Like to see tax cuts for the lower and middle class

HOLT: Holt said he supports Bush’s tax cuts and believes taxes should be cut further.

LINCOLN: Lincoln said she would like to see tax cuts for the lower and middle class, but would like to see those in the higher income brackets taxed more.

Source: [Xref Holt] AR Senate Debate in Arkansas News Bureau Oct 29, 2004

Jim Holt: Taxes should be cut further

HOLT: Holt said he supports Bush’s tax cuts and believes taxes should be cut further.

LINCOLN: Lincoln said she would like to see tax cuts for the lower and middle class, but would like to see those in the higher income brackets taxed more.

Source: AR Senate Debate in Arkansas News Bureau Oct 29, 2004

Kathleen Sebelius: Allow overdue taxes to be paid without penalty

The FAIR SHARE program we initiated last year also has paid big dividends. Too many Kansans owed back taxes and hadn’t paid them for years. Offering those citizens a one-time chance to pay what they owed without penalty generated almost $54 million in back taxes. That’s money we never would have seen if we had simply continued our “business-as-usual” approach to tax collections.
Source: 2004 State of the State address to the Kansas Legislature Jan 12, 2004

Kathleen Sebelius: Modernize tax incentive programs for start-up businesses

Our Economic Revitalization plan includes a proposal to modernize our tax incentive programs to make them work better for the businesses they are designed to serve. Kansas will compete more effectively for jobs and attract companies that offer the best- paying jobs. Under our plan, high potential start-up companies can sell their tax credits to already established businesses. It’s a win-win situation: start-up businesses receive needed infusions of cash & already profitable Kansas companies save money.
Source: 2004 State of the State address to the Kansas Legislature Jan 12, 2004

Kathleen Sebelius: Create tax credit for rural business development

Our plan pays special attention to rural Kansas. It creates a Rural Business Development Tax Credit that will ensure that investments are made in viable job-producing businesses, many of which will be tied to agriculture. Our Revitalization Program also extends funding for the Enterprise Facilitation program now nurturing businesses in 24 Kansas counties. So far, this program, which helps communities help themselves, has sparked the creation or expansion of nearly 70 businesses in rural areas.
Source: 2004 State of the State address to the Kansas Legislature Jan 12, 2004

Wesley Clark: Middle- & working-class tax cuts are an economic-growth tool

Clark is a big believer in tax cuts as an economic-growth tool, only his tax cuts would be far more directed to the middle and working classes - ‘the people who actually need tax cuts and will spend it.’
Source: Paul Barton, Arkansas Democrat Gazette Jul 13, 2003

Mike Huckabee: Remove the poorest taxpayers from the tax rolls

When we cut the tax burden for Arkansas families, we eliminated 40,000 families from the tax rolls. Not the richest but the poorest were eliminated from the tax rolls. By indexing for inflation and cutting out the marriage penalty, we gave Arkansans the best boost they have ever had.
Source: 2001 State of the State address to the Arkansas legislature Jan 9, 2001

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