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Chad Taylor: Good farmers use best practices, as stewards of the land

Q: What is your environmental policy, outside of the realm of energy policy?

A: We think the environment deserves an advocate, and if that advocate is not the government, then who would be its advocate? The Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act and other environmental legislation have provided a clear definition of "best practices." Chad's a farmer, and farms the same was his family did, applying those best practices. During the Dust Bowl, the then-current practices were bad conservation, which led to erosion and caused the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. The CCC, the Civilian Conservation Corps, changed those practices: they planted hedgerows; introduced natural irrigation. Chad has been doing that for 20 years, and considers farmers to be stewards of the land, with an environmental ethic.

Source: Phone interview: 2014 Kansas Senate race OnTheIssues Sep 3, 2014

Greg Orman: We can protect our environment AND create jobs

In Washington today one side says we must protect our environment no matter what impact it will have on our economy. The other side says doing anything at all will cost us jobs and is therefore unacceptable. Both sides have dug in and don't believe there's any basis for cooperation.

The truth is this is a false choice, and I know it because as a businessman I did both. The first company I ever started, Environmental Lighting Concepts, designed and installed energy efficient lighting systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

Our company created jobs, helped the environment, protected natural resources, and made money for our customers. We used the opportunity to cut energy and ultimately help the environment as a good business decision.

Source: 2014 Kansas Senate campaign website, Jun 17, 2014

Pat Roberts: For early farm bill, but final bill had too many subsidies

On policy, [Tea Party primary challenger Milton] Wolf is already having an impact. The latest reminder came this week, when Roberts opposed the five-year, nearly $1 trillion farm bill, which was prized by leaders of the Kansas farm lobby but opposed by Tea Party activists. Roberts, who had written an earlier version of the measure, said the final legislation included too many subsidies.
Source: N.Y. Times on 2014 Kansas Senate race Feb 7, 2014

Mike Beebe: Important to preserve forests to protect jobs

The Arkansas Forestry Commission marks its 80th anniversary this year. They have led the effort of preserving, protecting and restoring the approximately 18.5 million acres of forestland. They manage our private and public forest lands with a commitment to sustainability, while maintaining Arkansas's largest manufacturing sector. The forest-products industry directly employs more than 30,000 Arkansans and contributes more than $1.5-billion in payroll to our economy every year.
Source: Arkansas 2011 gubernatorial press release #2801 Mar 25, 2011

Robin Carnahan: Brother's $107M wind project created 1000s of jobs statewide

Blunt pointed out that a wind-energy company headed by Carnahan's brother, Tom, had received a $107 million grant through the federal stimulus package. That money, Blunt said, created only 16 jobs. "Tell me if that's a good investment of money," Blunt said.

But Carnahan said the business created thousands of jobs around the state and accused Blunt of below-the-belt attacks. "I've got nothing to do with my brother's business," she said.

Source: Kansas City Star coverage of 2010 Missouri Senate debate Oct 15, 2010

Howard Phillips: Property rights are ours, not governmentís

Our children learn that private property rights must be respected, even by civil government, and that theft violates Godís commandments, even when it is accomplished by majority vote.
Source: Speech to the Kansas Education Watch Network Conference Aug 7, 1993

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