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Pat Quinn: Exports support 500,000 jobs in IL; double that in 5 years

Illinois is a major player on the global stage. Our current exports support more than a half a million Illinois jobs. In 2010, our state's exports went up by nearly 20% to just under 50 billion dollars. We are 6th in the nation in exports, and first in the Midwest. As Governor, I pledge double our exports over the next five years. To meet this goal, we will be reorganizing our foreign trade offices--working with representatives from international markets to develop new trading relationships and enhance the ones already in place. For example: we recently hosted the president of China and his delegation of trade officials. These meetings resulted in $1.8 billion in agreements that will sell 25% of Illinois' soybean crop to China. In 2010, exports from Illinois to China increased by nearly 30%. And more than 30 Chinese companies have already invested in Illinois, employing thousands of Illinois workers.
Source: Illinois 2011 State of the State Budget Address Feb 16, 2011

Alexi Giannoulias: Eliminate $200B in tax loopholes that ship jobs overseas

End Unfair Trade Agreements and Fight China's Anticompetitive Practices: Alexi wants to renegotiate NAFTA and other trade pacts, ensuring that future agreements learn from out past mistakes. He also wants to close loopholes that give tax breaks to companies that ship overseas, raising nearly $200 billion by doing so.
Source: 2010 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Dec 25, 2009

Barack Obama: Fair trade should have tangible benefits for US

[Obama believes in] ensuring fair trade by enforcing existing trade agreements. Obama believes any trade agreement must have real, tangible benefits for U.S. business and workers and will work to enforce the trade agreements on the books.
Source: 2004 Senate campaign website, Jun 25, 2004

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2012 Presidential contenders on Free Trade:
Pres.Barack Obama(IL)
V.P.Joe Biden(DE)

Gov.Mitt Romney(MA)
Rep.Paul Ryan(WI)
Third Parties:
Green: Dr.Jill Stein(MA)
Libertarian: Gov.Gary Johnson(NM)
Justice: Mayor Rocky Anderson(UT)
Constitution: Rep.Virgil Goode(VA)
Peace+Freedom: Roseanne Barr(HI)
Reform Party: André Barnett(NY)
AmericansElect: Gov.Buddy Roemer(LA)
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