State of Colorado Archives: on Gun Control

John Hickenlooper: Keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill

Keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill There are no easy solutions to addressing the difficult problem of gun violence and mental health. Some point to guns, others to a violent culture. Still others believe that the line between community security and individual freedom must be re-drawn.

Keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill can find common ground in support of this proposition: Let's examine our laws and make the changes needed to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. It's not enough to prevent dangerous people from getting weapons. We have to do a better

Source: 2013 Colorado State of the State address Jan 10, 2013

Amy Stephens: Co-sponsors every pro-2nd Amendment bill in Legislature

Source: 2012 State House campaign website, Aug 18, 2012

Ken Buck: No federal database of gun owners

As District Attorney of Weld County, I have a record of standing up for our right to bear arms.

I will oppose any federal legislation to compile a database of gun owners or to further proscribe Americans' freedoms under the Second Amendment. My strong position on second amendment rights has earned me the endorsement of the Gun Owners of America, which I was honored to receive.

Source: 2010 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Aug 10, 2010

Jane Norton: Strong supporter of the Second Amendment

Source: 2010 Senate campaign website, Dec 25, 2009

Ken Salazar: Protect the individual right to use firearms

My philosophy and views regarding guns is based in large part on my upbringing, as well as on the law. I believe that the individual right to use firearms for protection, hunting, and recreation should be protected. I learned to use and respect firearms growing up on a ranch in the San Luis Valley, 5 miles from the nearest town, and often slept alone with a .22 rifle next to my bed for protection.
Source: 2004 Senate campaign website, Aug 11, 2004

Ken Salazar: Restrict felon possession, and ban assault weapons

I believe we must have stronger enforcement of our existing gun laws, and I supported closing the gun show loophole. I support longstanding restriction on the possession of firearms by felons, instant background checks, a ban on specific automatic weapons and assault weapons to protect the health and safety of the public and importantly law enforcement officials.
Source: 2004 Senate campaign website, Aug 11, 2004

Ed Perlmutter: Ban semi- automatics; require child-safety locks

Source: 1998 Colorado State National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1998

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2012 Presidential contenders on Gun Control:
Pres.Barack Obama(IL)
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Gov.Mitt Romney(MA)
Rep.Paul Ryan(WI)
Third Parties:
Green: Dr.Jill Stein(MA)
Libertarian: Gov.Gary Johnson(NM)
Justice: Mayor Rocky Anderson(UT)
Constitution: Rep.Virgil Goode(VA)
Peace+Freedom: Roseanne Barr(HI)
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