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Tom Del Beccaro: $15 mandated wages results in lower employment

California Democrats passed a statewide minimum wage increase. Next up, a bill mandating increased overtime pay for workers.

Perhaps a minimum wage of $15 won't terribly affect San Francisco. But in a place where unemployment already is so high, like Mendota, or Huron or other Central Valley towns like them where unemployment is above 20%, higher mandated wages will directly result in even lower employment. You see, the more something costs, the less of it is acquired. That basic law of economics applies to cars and jobs alike.

The same day they voted to raise the minimum wage, five Democratic lawmakers received big campaign checks from the SEIU, the group that pressured lawmakers for the wage bill. Why would the government union do that? That's easy--the minimum wage boost will result in $3.6 billion a year in increased wages for the public employee union workers--none of whom will lose their jobs because they are immune from market forces.

Source: Forbes Magazine OpEd on 2016 California Senate race Jan 14, 2015

Ted Lieu: Focus on job creation & raising the minimum wage

As the son of hard-working immigrants who achieved the American Dream, I am committed to strengthening the middle class by focusing on job creation, raising the minimum wage, making higher education more affordable and helping workers save for retirement
Source: 2014 California House campaign website, Oct 10, 2014

Jerry Brown: Extend unemployment benefits federally

Brown has expressed concerns that tens of thousands of Californians without jobs could soon lose their unemployment benefits, under a new bipartisan budget deal reached in Washington.

The governor sent a letter to congressional leaders late last week urging them to extend benefits for those who have been unable to find work. "These workers will suffer irreparable harm if these federal benefits are allowed to expire," Brown wrote, noting that more than 214,000 Californians could see their benefits expire.

Brown also noted the "severe federal underfunding" of the state's unemployment insurance program, which the governor blamed for delays in workers receiving their unemployment checks.

Source: Los Angeles Times on 2014 California Governor race Dec 16, 2013

Jerry Brown: Recover from Great Recession: GoBiz and Jobs Hiring Credit

California lost 1.3 million jobs in the Great Recession but we are coming back at a faster pace than the national average. The new Office of Business and Economic Development-- GoBiz--directly assisted more than 5,000 companies this past year.

This year, we should change both the Enterprise Zone Program and the Jobs Hiring Credit. They aren't working. We also need to streamline our regulatory procedures, particularly the California Environmental Quality Ac, based more on consistent standards.

Source: 2013 State of the State address to California Legislature Jan 24, 2013

Jerry Brown: Strip away regulations that prevent job creation

At a time when more than 2 million Californians are out of work, we must search out and strip away any accumulated burdens or unreasonable regulations that stand in the way of investment and job creation. But let's not forget that Job #1--make no mistake about it--is fixing our state budget and getting our spending in line with our revenue. Once we do that, the rest will be easy--at least easier because we will have learned to work together and earned back the respect and trust of the people we serve.
Source: 2011 California State of the State Address Jan 31, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger: $500M jobs package, plus $10K homebuyer tax credits

Source: California 2010 State of the State Address Jan 6, 2010

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