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Jerry Brown: $27B budget gap then; multibillion-dollar surplus now

Brown noted the recent shift in how the rest of the nation views California, now that the state has closed a $27-billion budget gap from when Brown began his term in 2011. Instead of being viewed as a failed state, Brown said, California has regained its reputation as an engine of innovation and creativity.

"California is still a very yeasty place," he said, noting the state's record for companies that develop new technologies that grow into major industries. He said the state now has multibillion-dollar surpluses that can continue for the next several years if state lawmakers spend responsibly.

Source: Los Angeles Times on 2014 California Governor race Dec 16, 2013

Jerry Brown: Proposes balanced budget and $12.5 billion in cuts

I am proposing a balanced budget that cuts $12.5 billion from proposed state spending. It's time to restore California to fiscal solvency and put us on the road to economic recovery and jobs. Since it's going to take time to fully implement the restructuring program, I'm going to ask for five years of extension of existing current taxes. This will allow the restructuring to proceed in an orderly way.
Source: California 2011 gubernatorial press release #16874 Jan 10, 2011

Sam Granato: Balanced Budget Amendment leads to irresponsible tax policy

Sam Granato said he opposes amending the US Constitution to adopt California-style rules for the federal budget. "Delayed tax refunds, forced work-reduction furloughs, paying small business vendors with IOUs, court ordered tax increases, downgraded bond ratings, increased interest rates. All of these things have happened in California because of rules that prevent responsible budgeting. This is a future that I do not want to see for the US. We are better than that," Granato said.

Granato's comments come on the heels of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's declaration of a "fiscal state of emergency" in California on Wednesday, a dire situation that was created by the state's inflexible budget laws and ensuing political gridlock. Mike Lee, Granato's GOP opponent, has supported adding similar rules on the federal level by amending the US Constitution.

Granato said he opposes a so-called Balanced Budget Amendment because it will invariably result in draconian cuts that will hurt average Americans.

Source: Campaign press release, "California-style Budget Amendment" Jul 29, 2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Painful spending cuts & temporary tax increases were needed

[In this year's economic recession] we did what we had to do. We made painful spending cuts. We passed temporary tax increases. We permanently eliminated COLAs for most state programs and we made major reforms in welfare and parole.

$11 billion in water bonds will be on the ballot this November. Some people say "how can we afford these bonds in the current economic climate?" I say, how can we not?

Source: California 2010 State of the State Address Jan 6, 2010

Bill Jones: Concerned about higher federal spending

I am concerned about higher federal spending, although some is justifiable because of the rebuilding of Afghanistan and Iraq and anti-terrorism demands. “Proper tax policies combined with controls on discretionary spending can get us there, but only if we remember that a good economy sets good tax policy, not the other way around.”
Source: 2004 Senate campaign website “Issues” May 2, 2004

Bill Jones: Stop subsidizing the rest of the country

We need to change how government works, ensure corporate responsibility, but also provide the level playing field for California. Jones also believes it is time California stopped subsidizing the rest of the country. For every $1 sent by California taxpayers to Washington, we receive only 70 cents back in federal services and programs. Jones will fight for a more equal share of federal spending in all program areas, to keep federal dollars in our state supporting California jobs.
Source: 2004 Senate campaign website “Issues” May 2, 2004

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