State of Arizona Archives: on Homeland Security

Fred DuVal: Incent veterans' businesses in competitive bidding process

Veterans and military families are assets to our economy, and Arizona must maximize their contributions by slashing through bureaucracy and ensuring their skills and experiences are recognized by our education systems and state government. We should also incent the private market to hire those who have served, while encouraging veterans to start their own small businesses by making sure veteran-owned businesses are recognized during the competitive bidding process for Arizona government contracts.
Source: 2014 Arizona gubernatorial campaign website, Jul 2, 2014

Richard Carmona: Remain vigilant about terrorism; it still threatens US

Many challenges remain in the ever changing global environment. Terrorism remains a paramount concern. Although we have defeated Osama bin Laden and severely weakened al Qaeda, terrorists are still out there and still threaten the United States. We must remain vigilant about terrorism and be adept in fighting it in all its incarnations. As we withdraw from Afghanistan and bring an end to an over decade long war, we must ensure that we are not turning the country over to enemy hands.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, Mar 15, 2012

Rick Santorum: There are good earmarks, like Osprey military program

Q: Senator, you have said there are good earmarks and bad earmarks?

SANTORUM: The idea that somehow earmarks during the time that I was in Congress were this thing that drove up spending--as a percentage of GDP, the debt went down. What happened is there was abuse. When abuse happened, I said we should stop the earmarking process. But I did say there were good earmarks and bad earmarks. We wouldn't have the V-22 Osprey, which was the most essential air platform for our Marines in particular in the war against the radical Islamists. We wouldn't have it if it wasn't for an earmark. That program would have been killed. Dick Cheney and the Defense Department wanted to kill that program, and many of us, including myself, stood up and made sure that was there. Congress has a role to play when it comes to appropriating money, and sometimes the president and the administration don't get it right. I do believe there was abuse, and I said we should stop it, and as president I would oppose earmarks.

Source: CNN's 2012 GOP Debate on eve of Arizona Primary Feb 22, 2012

Jan Brewer: Name Arizona as training site for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

We should do everything we can to see that Arizona is named a training site for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. At Luke Air Force Base; at the Air National Guard's 162nd Fighter Wing in Tucson; and at the Marine Air Corps Station in Yuma.

As a child raised on a military base --I have a special affection for those who serve in the armed forces. Every one of Arizona's military bases is critical to our national defense --and to our state and local economies.

Source: Arizona 2010 State of the State Address Jan 11, 2010

Rudy Garcia: Demilitarize by stopping nukes & reducing bases

To understand what Rudy Garcia is about, these are the issues that are of priority to him:
Source: 2008 Senate campaign website, Nov 13, 2008

Janet Napolitano: Emergency calling system for health and safety information

For 2004 we will continue work on a statewide 211 system, a phone number similar to the 911 system that residents will be able to dial for critical health and safety information in times of emergency. A comprehensive homeland security plan for authorities, combined with a 211 system to help citizens, is forming a web of readiness that is making Arizona a stand-out state for emergency preparedness.
Source: 2004 State of the State speech to Arizona Legislature Jan 12, 2004

Steve Forbes: Haiti & Somalia interventions were mistakes

Q: What troops would you bring home from what countries? A: They didnít have to send in troops to Haiti. We tried that from 1915-34. It didnít work then. It didnít work today. In Somalia it was one thing to get the food on the ground, quite another to play social workers and try to re-make that benighted country. That was a mistake. We do have very real interests in the world. But throwing our forces around [without] an exit strategy and not building up the military is a policy of disaster.
Source: Phoenix Arizona GOP Debate Dec 7, 1999

Alan Keyes: Keep some forces abroad, but avoid globalism

We obviously are a global power, we have interests all over the world. And I think that in many regions of the world, we do have forces deployed where their deployment makes a definite contribution to regional peace and stability and to the defense of our own interests. I wouldnít suggest that we withdraw forces from Korea or from Europe or elsewhere, where I think that they do serve a useful purpose in both maintaining our presence and defending our interests. On the other hand, I think our principle ought to be very clear. It ought to be that when we are using those forces, deploying them, it serves our interests, not some abstract agenda of globalism, global sovereignty, global left-wing interventionism.
Source: Arizona Republican Primary Debate Nov 21, 1999

Alan Keyes: Defend human rights & self-govt within national interests

A Keyes administration would be based on an understanding that we serve the national interests of our people. Part of that interest is our leadership in the world, it is our defense of human rights around the world, it is our maintenance and sustenance of peopleís commitment to self-government around the world. But it ought to be a clear commitment to our national interest first, not to globalism and internationalism.
Source: Arizona Republican Primary Debate Nov 21, 1999

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