State of Arizona Archives: on Crime

Frank Riggs: Endorsed as former cop & prosecutor

Frank Riggs, a former California Congressman who wants to be Arizona's next governor, is "proud" to have the support of recalled State Senator and scandal-magnet, Russell Pearce. Riggs' news release quotes Pearce as saying, "After long and serious deliberation, I'm proud to support former police officer and U.S. Congressman Frank Riggs for Governor. I know Frank Riggs will use all the means at his disposal to defend our border and protect our citizens from the costs and damages associated with illegal immigration and border crimes by those who break our laws."

But even conservatives like Riggs can't be very proud of Pearce's Fiesta Bowl scandal or the sham candidate he appears to have fielded in the 2011 recall campaign. Riggs says it's true that "recall elections are tricky." Riggs adds that as a former police officer and deputy sheriff, he feels a professional kinship with Pearce, also a former deputy sheriff.

Source: Phoenix New Times on 2014 Arizona gubernatorial race Jul 7, 2014

Jan Brewer: Reduce crime by punishing criminals

Crime and violence in Arizona continue to trend downward. Arizonans have reduced crime by punishing criminals, and not by infringing on the rights of law-abiding gun owners.
Source: 2013 State of the State Address to Arizona Legislature Jan 14, 2013

Jan Brewer: In State Legislature, pushed truth in sentencing

Brewer spent 14 years in the Arizona State Legislature, first as a state representative from 1983 to 1986, and then as state senator from 1987 to 1996. Brewer helped to win passage of numerous landmark reforms that continue to serve millions of Arizonans today, including tax relief and budget reform; truth in sentencing; open enrollment, school report cards, and charter schools; clean air and water legislation and state trust land preservation.
Source: Arizona Secretary of State website Dec 3, 2008

Joe Dorman: Death penalty for repeat sex offenders, but not if retarded

Dorman voted YEA on SB 1800, Death Penalty for Second Offender Sex Offenders, Conference Report Adopted (88-8): Dorman voted YEA on SB 1807, Prohibiting Death Sentence For Mentally Retarded Defendant, Conference Report Adopted (91-5):