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Ron Crumpton: In reality, immigrants are good for America

11-Point Plan for Social Justice--Immigration Reform: "If you listen to the rhetoric, they take jobs away from Americans, drain billions from our economy and pose a threat to the safety of our nation, but in reality immigrants are good for America and creating a path to citizenship creates new jobs, increases tax revenue and reduces crime, while deporting 12 million people is impractical and would cost the economy jobs, decrease tax revenue and cause an increase in crime."
Source: 2016 Ala. Senate campaign website Apr 25, 2016

Marcus Bowman: There is no room for anyone breaking rules

Q: Do you support or oppose the policy, "Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens"

A: Strongly oppose. I support creating pathways to citizenship. I support legal immigration. There are immigrants that wait 7 years or more to become a citizen following proper procedures. There is no room for anyone breaking rules. We must have rule of law in the country. And if we need more workers for farms and various jobs then we need to create a program to ensure businesses can continue to grow and meet business demand. Illegal aliens need to return to their country and apply under a program.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Alabama Senate race with OnTheIssues Jan 21, 2016

Ron Crumpton: Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the statement, "Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens"?

A: Strongly supports.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Alabama Senate race with OnTheIssues Nov 26, 2015

Gary Palmer: Secure our borders and enforce current immigration law

I am opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants. I have signed the FAIR Congressional Task Force's No-Amnesty pledge to "oppose legislation that would grant any form of work authorization to illegal aliens." The first steps to any reform of our immigration system will have to be securing our borders and enforcing current immigration law.
Source: 2014 AL-6 House campaign website, Sep 30, 2014

Jeff Sessions: Unwaveringly defend US workers and taxpayers

Q: How would you help Americans save so they can secure their future and live independently as they age?

A: On policies like immigration, Sen. Sessions has worked tirelessly to defend US workers and taxpayers from big money special interests. He is unwaveringly committed to the hard working men and women who form the backbone of the nation, and to the heritage of constitutional government that makes America history's most exceptional nation.

Source: AARP Voter Guide on 2014 Alabama Senate race Aug 31, 2014

Jeff Sessions: FactCheck: Immigration bill requires 700 mile border fence

Sen. Jeff Sessions says he opposes the immigration bill because it "has a specific provision that says that Secretary Napolitano does not have to build any fence if she chooses not to." Is it true?

The border fence is one of five so-called "triggers" that must be in place before most immigrants who get provisional status under the law are eligible for permanent residency. The bill requires a "Southern Border Fencing Strategy" to be submitted to Congress--and implemented--with certification from the Homeland Security secretary "that there is in place along the Southern Border no fewer than 700 miles of pedestrian fencing."

But Sessions' press secretary told us that there's "an opt-out provision" that allows the secretary to avoid fence-building. [But our attorneys said] the "opt-out" provision just offers the administration considerable choice about where to put fencing--not whether to build it. We rate Sessions' claim False.

Source: PolitiFact fact-checking on 2014 Alabama Senate race Jun 27, 2013

Jeff Sessions: Opposes amnesty first; finish fencing and enforcement first

Q: To elect a Republican president, don't you need to get substantial Hispanic support and hence immigration reform?

SESSIONS: We need to do the right thing for America and appeal to all people, particularly Hispanics.

Q: But why are you so much against this [comprehensive immigration reform] amendment?

SESSIONS: I'm opposed to the bill because it doesn't do what it says. This bill grants amnesty first, and a mere promise of enforcement in the future. Promises of 20,000 agents won't take place, or are not required until 2021. No money is being appropriated for that. The fencing--we passed a law to have 700 miles of double-layered fencing--this bill has a specific provision that Secretary Napolitano does not have to build any fence if she chooses not to, & she's publicly said we've had enough fencing. Why would any member of Congress want to vote for a bill at a time of high unemployment, falling wages, to bring in a huge surge of new labor that can only hurt the poorest among us the most

Source: CBS Face the Nation 2013 series: 2014 Alabama Senate race Jun 23, 2013

Robert Bentley: Will fight illegal immigration in Alabama

As a legislator, I supported efforts to curb illegal immigration in Alabama, as governor I will continue to do so. I understand the Legislature will take up the Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act. Send me that bill. I will sign it.
Source: 2011 State of the State speech to Alabama legislature Mar 1, 2011

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