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Bill Walker: 2nd Amendment establishes an individual right

The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, and the corresponding provision of the State Constitution, establish an individual right. I will work tirelessly to protect and preserve the right of Alaskans to keep and bear arms.
Source: 2014 Governor campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

Joe Miller: Opposes more gun restrictions

Question topic: More restrictive gun control laws are needed now to protect public safety.

Miller: Strongly Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Alaska Senate race Jul 2, 2014

Mead Treadwell: Address school shootings with national mental health push

My earliest memory of Sandy Hook Elementary School was arriving there 50 years ago as a transfer student in the second grade. The tragic, shocking news from Newtown reached me in Alaska last December, as my Mom--who had been a volunteer librarian there-- had just arrived for Christmas.

I link Newtown to the challenge of suicide we face in Alaska, where communities and caregivers are coming together to fight an epidemic of the worst young suicide rates in the nation. It is an epidemic that has taken thousands of lives and too often, other innocents with them.

Let us strive together to find help for those people who are detached from our community. Mental health professionals tell us that many people contemplate suicide, that it is often rooted in trauma and depression.

We need a national, community-based approach to push for widespread mental health first aid training, so people can recognize and respond to trauma and depression before it turns to despair, self-destruction, murder and suicide.

Source: Mead Treadwell in Alaska Dispatch: 2014 Alaska Senate race Dec 13, 2013

Mead Treadwell: Law-abiding citizens have the right to keep and bear arms

The Second Amendment protects our right to self-defense. Law-abiding citizens have the right to keep and bear arms, plain and simple. I will defend the right for Alaskans to defend their families and their homes. The U.S. Senate Majority today is working to erode our Second Amendment rights and Mark Begich supports their leadership. I will oppose all efforts to water down the Second Amendment.
Source: 2014 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Oct 9, 2013

Joe Miller: Yes, concealed carry; no assault rifle ban

Q: Do you support restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns?

A: Yes; I support restrictions on firearms based on minimum age and violent criminal background.

Q: Do you believe that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of individual citizens to own guns?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support allowing individuals to carry concealed guns?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support a ban on assault rifles?

A: No.

Source: Alaska Congressional Election 2010 Political Courage Test Sep 9, 2010

Dan Sullivan: Prohibit state and local governments from denying gun rights

Governor Sean Parnell today praised the U.S. Supreme Court for its ruling that the Second Amendment of the Constitution confers an individual right to firearm possession even outside of the federal enclave of Washington, D.C.

In the case of McDonald v. Chicago, the high court ruled for the first time that the right to bear arms applies to all Americans. The ruling expands upon last year's decision in District of Columbia v. Heller.

The State of Alaska was among the states that asked for Supreme Court review of McDonald and that signed on to a friend-of-the-court brief in support of handgun owners in Chicago and the suburb of Oak Park. Alaska was likewise involved in Heller.

"It is through the right to bear arms that our other rights are secured," said Governor Parnell.

"Today's landmark ruling prohibits state and local governments from denying Americans their right to bear arms, which is an issue close to the heart of Alaskans," said Attorney General Dan Sullivan.

Source: Press release from Alaska Governor's office, "Supreme Court" Jun 28, 2010

Sarah Palin: Supports ending D.C.’s 32-year-old ban on handguns

Governor Sarah Palin today lauded the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision upholding the right of Americans to own guns for self-defense, hunting and other purposes. The high court’s 5-4 ruling in District of Columbia vs. Heller affirmed gun rights by striking down the District’s 32-year-old ban on handguns.

“This decision is a victory for all Alaskans and individual Americans. The right to own guns and use them responsibly is something I and many other Alaskans cherish,“ Governor Palin said. ”I applaud the Court for standing up for the Constitution and the right of Americans to keep and bear arms.“

The state of Alaska in February joined a multi-state amicus brief written by the state of Texas in support of the Second Amendment right of individual Americans to bear arms.

Source: Alaska Governor’s Office: press release, “2nd Amendment” Jun 26, 2008

Sarah Palin: Lifelong NRA member & champion of right to bear arms

Governor Sarah Palin announced the State of Alaska will join the multi-state amicus brief authored by the State of Texas in support of the Second Amendment right of individual Americans to bear arms. The Texas amicus brief in the case Washington, D.C. v. Heller will be filed by February 11, 2008.

Governor Palin, a lifelong member of the National Rifle Association, has long been a champion of the constitutional right to bear arms, as well as a proponent of gun safety programs for Alaska’s youth.

“I am proud to join the State of Texas in support of the Second Amendment,” Governor Palin said. “We need to send a strong message that law-abiding citizens have a right to own firearms, for personal protection, for hunting and for any other lawful purpose.”

Source: Alaska Governor’s Office: press release, “2nd Amendment” Feb 8, 2008

Ray Metcalfe: Supports concealed carry; focus on criminals and kids

Source: Alaska Congressional 2002 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2002

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