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Dennis Daugaard: Make mugshots and pardon process open to the public

An important component of Better Government is to be more open, accountable, and accessible. We recently launched an online pardon application site--making South Dakota the first state in the nation with a completely online pardon application process. This year, I will also be supporting the proposal to make booking photographs--also known as mugshots--open to the public, as in most states.
Source: 2017 State of the State address to South Dakota Legislature Jan 10, 2017

Jay Williams: Our criminal justice system is broken

The American criminal justice system is broken. Mass incarceration is expensive, ineffective, and in desperate need of reform. Additionally, it's a system that disproportionately affects minorities. A person of color should not be more likely to go to jail than a white person for commiting the same crime, but unfortunately, that is the case today. This kind of institutionalized racism cannot stand. Jay believes in criminal justice reform to fix a broken system.
Source: 2016 South Dakota Senate campaign web Apr 1, 2016

Dennis Daugaard: High rates of incarceration does not increase public safety

[In 2013] I spoke about SD's high imprisonment rate for adult offenders--higher than any of our 6 neighboring states. Continuing on that path would have forced the state to build a new women's prison and a new men's prison within 10 years. Worst of all, our high imprisonment rate wasn't making the public any safer. Today, because of the Public Safety Improvement Act, the prison population is below initial projections & we saved millions of dollars last year by avoiding the need for a new women's prison.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to South Dakota legislature Jan 12, 2016

Dennis Daugaard: Reforms reduced population on parole

Thanks to criminal justice reforms, the parole success rate increased from 37% of offenders in FY12 to 65% in FY15. Today, parolees can reduce the duration of their parole by a month for each month of parole in which they are 100% compliant. In just one year, over 700,000 days of parole credit were earned. That's nearly 2,000 years of parole credits earned.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to South Dakota legislature Jan 12, 2016

Dennis Daugaard: Achieved Level 4 certification for Juvenile Corrections

Our Department of Corrections is doing good work. It has achieved Level 4 certification by the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators. In 2011, we were the first state in the nation to do this, and last year we maintained this certification for a second year. I have required our juvenile facilities to be certified by these national, performance-based measures, and I'm proud that DOC has reached this high standard.
Source: South Dakota 2013 State of the State Address Jan 8, 2013

Dennis Daugaard: Justice reinvestment: focuses resources on proven tools

This past July, we formed the Criminal Justice Initiative Work Group. Top criminal justice leaders and stakeholders from both parties and all three branches of government, as well as law enforcement, treatment providers, prosecutors, and defense attorneys all had seats at the table. The charge to this work group could not have been simpler:
  1. Improve public safety.
  2. Hold offenders more accountable.
  3. Give us a better return on our criminal justice spending.
The workgroup did not have to reinvent the wheel. In more than 20 states, many of them very conservative states like TX, KY, and SC, have undertaken what they call "justice reinvestment." Justice reinvestment focuses resources on criminal justice tools that are proven to work. It focuses resources on evidence-based practices--not based on antidotes, not based on intuition, not based on what we think will work, but which has been proven to work elsewhere, and the evidence shows works.
Source: South Dakota 2013 State of the State Address Jan 8, 2013

Nancy Turbak Berry: Define hate crimes by sexual orientation or gender identity

Senator Turbak Berry voted YES on SB 156, Expansion of Hate Crime Law. The Bill Failed the Senate 13 - 21.
Source: South Dakota state legislative voting records Feb 12, 2009

Nancy Turbak Berry: Remove requirement that physicians be present at executions

Senator Turbak Berry voted YES on HB 1160, Physician Presence at Executions. The Bill Passed the Senate, 31 - 3.
Source: South Dakota state legislative voting records Feb 14, 2007

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