Lincoln Chafee in PBS News Hour

On Drugs: Decriminalized small amounts of marijuana as governor

Chafee would decriminalize possession of small amounts. From the governor's desk in Rhode Island, Chafee signed legislation that decriminalized small amounts of marijuana, making possession of any amount lower than an ounce punishable by a fine instead of as a criminal charge. Last year, Chafee said there is appeal in increased state revenues from legalizing marijuana and he wants to watch how things progress in states like Colorado where the law has changed.
Source: PBS News Hour "2016 Candidate Stands" series Jun 3, 2015

On Free Trade: Supports Trans-Pacific Partnership

Chafee would approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In a 2013 letter, Chafee joined 14 other governors in urging President Obama and congressional leadership to support a Trans-Pacific Partnership (or TPP) agreement, as well as other international trade Q
Source: PBS News Hour "2016 Candidate Stands" series Jun 3, 2015

On Health Care: Individual mandate ok; universal coverage better

Chafee would keep the Affordable Care Act, and move toward universal coverage. Chafee applauded the 2012 Supreme Court decision that upheld key provisions of ObamaCare. In that same statement, he stressed his desire to achieve universal insurance coverage. The Rhode Island lawmaker was an early advocate of health care reform, authoring the 1993 Health Equity and Access Reform Today which included an individual mandate and requirement that insurers cover people with pre-existing conditions.
Source: PBS News Hour "2016 Candidate Stands" series Jun 3, 2015

On Homeland Security: Limit government surveillance; no bulk data collection

Chafee would give government limited surveillance powers, and says that bulk data collection violates the Constitution.

While in Congress, Chafee voted for the USA Patriot Act and its expansion of government surveillance powers in the fight against terror. Since then Chafee has said he strongly opposes the use of the Patriot Act by the National Security Agency to collect Americans' phone data en masse. The Rhode Islander argues that violates the Fourth Amendment and law enforcement must get a warrant before collecting any phone data.

Source: PBS News Hour "2016 Candidate Stands" series Jun 3, 2015

On Homeland Security: Rebuild alliances abroad to fight ISIS

Chafee says the 2003 invasion of Iraq was a mistake; and that to fight Islamic State, the U.S. must build alliances, including with Russia.

Chafee told MSNBC in April that to fight Islamic State, America must forge stronger alliances and rebuild its relationship with Russia. The former governor opposes open-ended U.S. military action and supports contained strategies, citing the 1990 Gulf War as an example.

Source: PBS News Hour "2016 Candidate Stands" series Jun 3, 2015

On Immigration: In-state tuition for undocumented immigrants

Chafee would give undocumented immigrants access to in-state tuition, and offer a path to citizenship. Chafee says that federal, not state, officials should enforce immigration laws.

After becoming governor, Chafee reversed a previous state order directing R.I. state troopers to help enforce federal immigration laws. At the time Chafee said the state needed to be more tolerant. He has called for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and pushed to give them access to in-state tuition.

Source: PBS News Hour "2016 Candidate Stands" series Jun 3, 2015

The above quotations are from PBS News Hour "2016 Candidate Stands" series.
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