Rick Perry in Fox News 2015 GOP primary debate

On Budget & Economy: I governed the 12th largest economy in the world

Q: Why should someone vote for you now?

PERRY: The preparation to be the most powerful individual in the world requires an extraordinary amount of work: not just having been the governor of the 12th largest economy in the world, which I might add, we added 1.5 million jobs during that period of time over that 2007 through 2014 period, a period when America was going through the most deep recession it had been through since the Great Depression. I think Americans want someone to have a track record of showing them how to get this country back on record, someone who will stand up and every day project that best days of America are in front of us. And I will assure you, as the governor of the state of Texas, and as those last four years have shown me, the preparation to be ready to stand on this stage and talk about those monetary policies, those domestic policies, and those foreign policies, Americans are going to see that I am ready to be that individual.

Source: Fox News/Facebook Second Tier debate transcript Aug 6, 2015

On Immigration: We sent Texas rangers & National Guard to southern border

Nobody, nobody on either one of these stages has done more than I've done and the people of the State of Texas to deal with securing that [southern] border. We sent our Texas ranger recon teams. We sent our parks and wildlife wardens. I deployed the National Guard after I stood on the ramp in Dallas, Texas and looked the president of the United States in the eye and said, "Mr. President, if you won't secure the border, Texas will," and that's exactly what we did.
Source: Fox News/Facebook Second Tier debate transcript Aug 6, 2015

On Immigration: Aviation assets 24/7 all the way from Tijuana to Texas

Q: What would you say to a child, born and raised in America, who could see their family broken apart by your tough immigration policy?

PERRY: For 30 years this country has been baited with this debate, and the border is still not secure. The American people are never going to trust Washington, D.C., and for good reason. There's not anybody on either one of these stages that has the experience of dealing with this as I have for over 14 years. We have to put the personnel on that border in the right places; you have to put the strategic fencing in place; and you have to have aviation assets that fly all the way from Tijuana to Texas--1,933 miles looking down 24/7, with the technology to be able to identify what individuals are doing, and ID when they are in obviously illegal activities, and quick-response teams come. Then Americans will believe that Washington is up to a conversation to deal with the millions of people that are here illegally, but not until.

Source: Fox News/Facebook Second Tier debate transcript Aug 6, 2015

On War & Peace: Not just no nuclear deal funding Iran, but "Hell no"

Q: Critics of the Iran deal say that it puts America on the same side as the largest state sponsor of Hamas & Hezbollah, but our traditional allies, led by Saudi Arabia, have also funneled support to Islamic radical groups who want to kill Americans. So which side do you believe we should be on?

PERRY: We need to be on the side that keeps Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. That's the side we need to be on, and that's the side of the bulk of the Middle East. We need to have some coalitions in that part of the world to go after ISIS, but we also need to send a clear message. And hopefully we use Congress to cut this funding. The issue for us is to have a Congress that stands up and says not only "no," but "Hell no" to this money going to a regime that is going to use it for terror. We need to stand up and strongly and clearly tell the ayatollah that the first thing that I will do is tear up that agreement with Iran.

Source: Fox News/Facebook Second Tier debate transcript Aug 6, 2015

On War & Peace: Tear up Iranian nuclear deal on Day One, then use White-Out

Q: Your first executive order would be in the White House would be what?

PERRY: It'll be a pretty busy day, but that Iran negotiation is going to be torn up on day one. We're going to start the process of securing that border. I'm also going to take a bottle of White-Out with me to get started on all those executive orders that Mr. Obama has put his name to.

Q: That will be a long day.

PERRY: It will be a long day.

Source: Fox News/Facebook Second Tier debate transcript Aug 6, 2015

The above quotations are from Fox News/Facebook Two-Tier 2015 GOP primary debate
First Tier: Top Ten by polls
Second Tier: Seven other Republicans
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