Mike Huckabee in Fox Business 2015 GOP primary debate

On Corporations: Stop punishing manufacturing; stop punishing work

We'd get rid of taxes on people's work, so, we wouldn't punish people for working anymore. We've lost five million manufacturing jobs since 2000. The jobs are in Mexico, they're in China, they're in Indonesia. Bring the jobs back. And with the FairTax, you do that, because you don't tax capital and labor. And here's the best part. We don't reduce the IRS, we get rid of the IRS.
Source: Fox Business/WSJ Second Tier debate Nov 10, 2015

On Government Reform: State budget basics: educate, medicate, and incarcerate

Gov. Bobby JINDAL [to Huckabee]: There's only one of us that's actually cut government spending. We've cut our budget 26%.

HUCKABEE: I would say that a lot of us have cut things. And during the recession of 2001 to 2003, when 91% of our state budget was basically three things--educate, medicate and incarcerate--we ended up cutting 11% out of the state budget through that recession so we didn't have to go in and raise a bunch of taxes, and there were people who thought we should. So it's just not accurate to say that nobody else up here has ever cut. I believe every governor has probably had to make tough decisions.

JINDAL: Mike, I share many of your social views, but your record as Governor tells a different story. In your time as Governor, spending in Arkansas went up 65%, number of state workers went up 20%, the taxes for the average citizen went up 47%. That's not a record of cutting.

Source: 2015 Fox Business/WSJ Second Tier GOP debate Nov 10, 2015

On Immigration: Take care of jobless Americans rather than save Syrians

What we do know is that only one out of five of the so called, "Syrian Refugees" were actually Syrian. If we're going to do something for the Syrians, let's help build an encampment for them, but closer to where they live, rather than bringing them here when they don't know the language. My number one concern right now is taking care of the fact that Americans are taking it in the gut without jobs. Many working two and three part time jobs.
Source: Fox Business/WSJ Second Tier debate Nov 10, 2015

On Jobs: Wages for bottom 90% of the economy stagnant for 40 years

The Fed is in trouble because they haven't addressed the number one issue that's hurting Americans and that's that wages for the bottom 90 percent of the economy have been stagnant for 40 years. In the 25 years after World War II, wages grew by 85 percent. People were moving up. That's not happening any more, and in large measure, the Fed has manipulated the dollar so it doesn't have a standard. Tie the dollar to something fixed and if it's not going to be gold, make it the commodity basket.
Source: Fox Business/WSJ Second Tier debate Nov 10, 2015

On Principles & Values: I want to give a chance for American dream

It's a long way from a little brick house in Hope, Arkansas to this stage. I want to be the favorite of the people who still want to believe the American dream can work for them. I got a letter from a third grader in North Dakota. She sent $6 dollars from her allowance, and said, "I want to help you be president." I'm going to keep fighting because somewhere out there in North Dakota, and all over America, there are kids who need a president who will never forget where they came from.
Source: Fox Business/WSJ Second Tier debate Nov 10, 2015

On Social Security: Entitlements are earned benefits, not welfare

Q: You have characterized entitlement reform as both political and economic suicide.

HUCKABEE: Well, Sandra, first of all, let me mention the fact that I think there's a big difference between welfare programs and what some people call entitlements. Namely, Social Security and Medicare. I just want to remind everybody out there who has ever had a paycheck, the government didn't ask you if you wanted them to take money out of your check for Social Security and Medicare. They did that involuntarily. Those are not entitlements and that's not welfare. That's an earned benefit. And by gosh, you paid for it. And if the government screwed it up, you shouldn't have to pay the penalty because of an incompetent government. That's different than the social programs that we've spent $2 trillion on since the War on Poverty began exactly 50 years ago this year.

Source: 2015 Fox Business/WSJ Second Tier GOP debate Nov 10, 2015

On Tax Reform: 22% of cost of goods is embedded taxes; take that tax out

Q: Americans, under your plan, would pay a tax on every single thing that they purchase. Given that consumer spending accounts for 2/3 of GDP, wouldn't your tax plan would actually discourage spending, thereby slowing our economy?

HUCKABEE: Well, do you know an American that will just stop spending? I don't. Look, Americans will go to the marketplace with more money they've ever had. For the first time they'll be having their whole paycheck. You see, most people don't understand that when you buy something that is made in America, 22% of the cost of it is the embedded tax they never even know they paid. It's why China has beaten the daylights out of us: they can build stuff that we can't because they're not taxing it; they don't tax capital and labor and we do. They bring something over here, it's automatically cheaper even without the regulatory environment because they're not embedding the taxes; we are. Take the embedded taxes out.

Source: 2015 Fox Business/WSJ Second Tier GOP debate Nov 10, 2015

On Tax Reform: FairTax is better than punishing productivity

If we got rid of all the taxes on our work, got rid of the taxes on our savings, investments, capital gains, and inheritance, and made a zero tax, we'd pay at the point of consumption. Why should we punish people for their productivity? The FairTax doesn't punish people for doing well and building the economy. Give a person his whole paycheck because every American would no longer have a payroll tax taken out.
Source: Fox Business/WSJ Second Tier debate Nov 10, 2015

On Welfare & Poverty: Poverty system was set up by poverty industry

Q: Are our social welfare programs, while well-intended, creating a culture of dependency?

A: The reason we still have so much poverty is because it was never designed to get people out of poverty. It was designed to make sure that there was an industry of poverty, so that the people in the poverty industry would have a lot of jobs. But the people who are poor haven't been benefited. Nobody who is poor wants to be. That's a nonsense statement and I hear it all the time: "Well, poor people ought to work harder." They're working as hard as they can, for gosh sake. But the problem is the system keeps pushing them down because, if they work, then they get punished. They lose all the benefits. When we did welfare reform in the '90s, you know what we did? We said you're not going to lose everything at once. There's not an arbitrary threshold. So as you move up the ladder from work and training, you'll actually always be better off than you were before. That's the American way.

Source: 2015 Fox Business/WSJ Second Tier GOP debate Nov 10, 2015

The above quotations are from Fox Business/Wall Street Journal Two-Tier 2015 GOP primary debate
First Tier: Top Eight by polls
Second Tier: Four other Republicans
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